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I guess my time has come.....

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I thought I had my feral family was all set, but Junior has now been missing for 5 days. Junior has NEVER missed a meal in his life, ever since his mamma taught him to chew food, but he is gone.

DaddyCat disappeared for 3 days, came back for one and is goine again.

The only ones left are MotherCat, Princess, Lyssa-Lyssa and Socorro.

Also: A strange male has started to come around and he beat the daylights out of Mr. Grey. I don't like Mr. Grey, but that poor cat had a hunk of skin and fur hanging from his leg and was bleeding like a stuck pig.

I got close enough to touch him to try and calm him down so that I could bring him in the house to cleam him up and he growled..... I thought he was going to tear my arm off.

I feel so bad. I wish people would leave the feral colonies that are being cared for alone. All this is going to do is drive out my family (they now have no male to watch out for them) and bring in a bunch of cats that are not fixed to fight and mate. I will wager within 1 1/2 years, this place is going to be overrun with cats. It is just so sad, we have had peace and quite for over 2 years and NO trouble. I am just heartbroken.
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Kittenkiya...I am so sorry to hear about your missing ferals. Sounds like it is time to get this stranger neutered.

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I am so sorry to hear of whats happening with your colony. I hope that Junior & DaddyCat come back real soon and that Mr Grey recovers real quick. I can understand how frustrating it is for you.

As Katie said - is it possible to trap this stranger and get him neutered?
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Time to start trapping! I Know JUST how you feel - this is what
happened to my Mr. Grey, when the owner of unfixed cat started
letting him out to roam! GRRRRR.

I will send you vibes. Trap the unfixed
male if you can, and fix him - it will settle his aggression urges somewhat.
Your Daddy cat may come back, and please trap Mr. Grey and get
to a vet if you can?? OTW get a prescription for Amoxicillin and
put it in his food - so he gets SOME anti bios in him...

Hugs and sending trapping and healing vibes your way!!
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