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my poor cat!

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My poor cat has been referred to a vet specialist as he won't pee. All test were clear, but they think his bladder muscles are not working and his bladder was enlarged. He has to stay at the vet specialists for 10 days! They have put a catheter on him and also given him drugs to get his muscles working. I am really missing him. He's only be away for 1 half days. I got a call today saying he has not eaten and is unhappy. I may have to visit although it is not close to my home. I just hope he starts to eat. Also he has not poo'd either. Think he's really stressed. I don't know if to go and see him or if this would upset him more and I should leave him to settle in. What does anybody think?
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I'm so sorry you're both having to go through this right now!

I think if it were me, I would want to see my baby everyday Does the Specialist allow visits? Have you spoken to them to see if it would be a good idea?

I think it would be worth asking them and also following your heart!

I hope your baby gets better soon and I'm sending lots of Calming and Healthy }}}VIBES{{{ to you both!
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Yes they do allow visits but they say sometimes visits help and sometimes it may prevent them from settling in. I think I'll see how he is tomorrow. Thanks for your kind words though, I hope he will get better soon, and yes I should follow my heart, I do want to see him, he is such a mummy's boy! I think I mollycoddle him too much. I'll let you know how I get on. I wish he was closer to where I live. But I think I have to go you are right.

p.s. your cats look cery cute!
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This must be awful for you! How come he has to stay in for that long? Thats so bad for you both
If it were me I'd have to go and see him, although I wouldnt want to because as you said it may not help him settle in, but I know my cats and I think this would make them feel safer and know I was still around. Just do whatever your heart tells you is right.
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remember we're all here for you if you need some comfort!

I think seeing how he's doing tomorrow would be a good idea, he may surprise you! But as you want to see him, I would, you'll feel happier for having seen him and he'll know that you still love and miss him as much as ever!

It is such a shame that he's not closer! Is the Specialists very far from you?

Thank you for the lovely compliment, I have to agree that they are cute - not that i'm biased at all! Have you posted any pictures of your sweet baby?
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The specialist is about 50 mins awa but it is also on the motorway (I hate the motorway!) and I have to work. But I am thinking I may take the day off work on Friday and then I can spend lots of time with him. He has to stay 10 days so that they can monitor him and so they can make sure his catheter is on plus give him these new drugs and see if they help. They have give him a laxative now as well as he does not want to poo as he's upset.

I'd like to post a pic of him, how do you do that?
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That will be lovely for him to be able to see you for longer on Friday! I hope that he calms down soon and is able to function well!

If you need some help with posting a picture, give me a PM and I'll give you a hand! The best place to start is by opening a account, you can upload your pictures into there and then copy and paste the [IMG] tags and paste them into a post in Fur Pages!

I'll be more than happy to help you though!

Sending continued Calming }}}VIBES{{{ to you both
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I'm sorry to hear about your kitty . I hope he gets better soon. I would definetly go see him. I will be sending out prayers and get well soon vibes to your and your kitty. Please keep us posted.
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Now I have thought about it you are all definitely right, I am going to see him Friday - I am quite excited now.

Thanks for the picture advice I'm trying to use it now see if it works. My cats name is Stamford he is 9 yrs ols. he also has 3 adopted sisters who he loves. Lets see if it works, sorry if it don' t.
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Sorry I think it went a bit too big!
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Your kitty looks so sweet!! I hope that he is feeling better soon, I couldn't imagine having to be away from him for 10 whole days!! I hope your visit goes well with him.
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I would visit my cat. I don't think it would make the situation worse, but let your cat know your there for him. So sorry he is going through this. I sure hope they can fix the problem.
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I hope you get your problem fixed. Your picture will probably be taken down if you dont resize it. If you dont want to resize it you can post a link.
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I think taking the day off Friday and spending it with him is a lovely idea. Hope he gets better really, really soon.
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I'm so sorry Stamford is sick, and how terrible to be apart so long! I hope you have a good visit with him Friday. I also hope they get the test data they need and get his problem fixed quickly.

Thinking of you and healing vibes to Stamford.
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Stamford is a beauty thank you for posting a picture!

I hope he thoroughly enjoys seeing and spending time with his Meowmy on Friday! I'm positive he will!

Sending lots of healing and calming }}}VIBES{{{ to Stamford and many to you!

About your picture: If you click on the edit button above your picture in photobucket, you can reduce the size of the picture by percentage!
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Just shrank it for you

He's a little beauty! Bless him he looks like he's just woke up

I hope he feels better soon
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Aww...poor baby. (Both of you0
I`m glad that you are going to see him. He`ll have had a few days to settle in by the time you get there on Friday and the visit will do you both good. I hope things have improved for him by the time you get there so that the leaving after the visit won`t be so hard.
Prayers for a soon-to-be-healthy Samford!
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Hi everyone

I went to see Stamford twice now, first time poor thing was so annoyed as he had a bandage on his leg for the drip as he was not eating and had his horrible lampshade collar on. So he was not happy. I took off his collar and then the nurses came in with some nice food so I could try and tempt him. As the nurse left I gave him a cuddle then offered him some tuna, and he wolfed it down immediately! Nurse couldn't believe it as he has refused to eat over last 2 days before I went. When I left he was much more relaxed, so I was sooooo pleased I went. Next day nurses rung me to say he looked much happier, but still not eating. Saturday another phonecall and Stamford is now eating everything so great news.

Went to see him again yesterday. He looked so much better and happier and we had a lovely cuddle. Now the drugs are taking effect he has started to pee on his own so they said they will now take the catheter off. So hopefully once they have monitored he is doing everything on his own I will be able to take him home this week I hope!

Thanks for everyone advising me go and seeing him, it was definitely best for him (and me!). This forum is great to keep your spirits up!

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Glad to hear you and Stamford are both doing well. He missed his mommy. Keep us updated on how he is doing.
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What wonderful news to read!

I'm so pleased that you both enjoyed your visit and that Stamford is improving by the day! He must have been so pleased to see you!

I hope he'll be back home with you very soon!

Sending lots of speedy recovery }}}VIBES{{{ to Stamford!
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