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Queen bleeding??

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My cat had her kittens feb 6 two days ago. Im watching a movie and she jumps to the bed and i starte petting her. After a while she gos back to her kittens and when i saw where she was laying down on the bed there was blood. When i check her out shes bleeding.
is this normal??
What should i do??
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Call the vet right away.
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Call the Vet... NOW
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I called the vet hes not their but the assistant said tht if shes bleeding a little bit (few drops now and then) its normal its a cleaning process that may take a month
is it true?
what know?
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ibiabiubis..I'm not a vet....but if your vet office is telling you that it is normal, I'd go with that. If you are still worried, perhaps you can reach out to another vet clinic to verify.

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Called another one he said ots normal too
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It is normal for a queen to bleed for 10 days to two weeks after delivery. It should only be a few small drops of blood though, not puddles.
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