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New member: easiest way to give a tablet - please help

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Hello everyone,
My cat (Pepe) is an 8 year old male cat. He developed vaccine related sarcoma 15 months ago. He had his first tumor removal surgery in January 2005. Unfortunately the tumor grew back and he had his 2nd surgery ( this time more aggressive, muscles removed, bones shaved) in july 2005. He now has the third tumor in his back which I thought would worry me the most but something else came up that made me forget about the tumor. He got really sick on the 29th of January. He suddenly got disoriented and started throwing up, thn I noticed the pressure developing in his abdomin, and right after that I started seeing him spending most of his time next to his water bowl. I immediately took him to the vet and we found out after so many blood tests that his liver was not functioning. The vet couldn't determine the exact problem and decided to put the cat on medication. Pepe takes 1ml of liquid antibiotic without a problem twice a day and he is supposed to take single small pill once a day for his liver. I almost tried everything, every method to give this tablet but no luck. I tried hiding the pill inside chicken/beef but as soon as he feels it he starts spitting. I also tried crushing the pill, dissolving in milk and injecting it in his mouth, this time his mouth got all foamy and he puked.
what is the best and easiest way to have a cat swallow a tiny pill?
please help. he really has to take those pills. time is ticking for him.
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My cats will take anything if it is wrapped up in spray cheese ... I think Kraft makes a version with the top that you push like the ones on whipped cream ... I think it is called Easy Cheese or something like that. That is what I use and it works well for me.
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Try some of these ideas: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...highlight=Pill

Good luck, tell Pepe Hi
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I usually break open a soft kitty treat and put the pill inside, then roll it in parmesan cheese. Sometimes she realizes a pill is inside and leaves it behind but a second "bon bon" ususally does the trick.
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I usually coat a pill in butter. Works pretty well for me!
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When Zissou was sick, she would not eat ANYTHING and I mean anything. Not cheese, not cat treats, not even cream cheese or yogurt or even water.
We were giving her anti-vomit/nausea meds, so couldn't very well mix them with anything.

This is how the vet taught us to do it. You need a helper, and wash your hands first. One of you holds the kitty like a baby, tummy up and face / neck sitting up. Then put your fingers in the corners of the cat's mouth, where a horse's bit would go. Push gently until the cat opens its mouth, and prop it open. Then, at the same time, because the cat doesn't want its mouth open, the other person puts the pill on the way back of the throat and then gives it one final pop! down the throat.

This is the easiest way unless your cat will eat ALL of whatever you put the pill in, and since if you don't push it way down the cat will chew on it and spit it back out. It gets easier as you and the cat get used to it.

I was worried that we would shove it down her windpipe instead, but just like humans you can't breathe and swallow at the same time. The little thingy closes it off, so as the vet said "In two decades of practice I've never heard of it happening."

Whatever way you decide to do it, good luck and have patience!
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My way of getting a cat to take a tablet is as follows:

Get down on your knees, Get cat and put it inbetween your legs with its backside up against your crotch. Use one arm to go infront of the cat covering its chest and use your hand to put your fingers on either side of its mouth. Then with the other hand, pull the jaw open place the tablet at the back of the throat (really far back) and then shut the jaw and rub the underside of the throat - This is to get them to swallow. Don't let go of the cat until you are sure they have swallowed. Then let the cat go.

If they are inbetween your legs they can go backwards, and with your arm over their chest they can't go forwards. The cat won't be too impressed, but you'll soon get quick at it and the cat won't fuss too much.

Good luck!
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I've had to restrain Samuel to give him pills before, and its the only thing that works with any regularity.

Someone has already explained how to do it, but a good way to tell whether a cat has actually swallowed a pill is whether or not he licks his nose after you release him. If he doesn't lick his nose, then generally he is waiting for you to turn away so he can spit out the pill. Don't know why, but its never failed for me on any of my cats, or any of the cats at school.
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I use the pill gun and it works very well. I have no problems giving either of my cats a pill using this method.
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I give my Fur buddy Gizmo pills for his thyroid daily. They are about 4 mm in diameter.

What works fast for me is:

Have the pill ready in your oppsoing hand.

using your primary hand (im right handed) reach from behind his head so that the back of his head is inside the palm of your hand. using your thumb and index finger, gently grab either side of his upper jaw.
Then pull back gently. His mouth should open by reflex.

quickly toss the pill toward the back of his throat with your pill hand.
(the cat will not choke. You have initiated a reflex that causes the cat to close its throat and airpassage by pulling his head back)
release your other hand and use both hands to gently hold his mouth shut while keeping his head tilted back.
Softly blow into his face or gently rub his throat while his head is held upright (facing upwards). Hold this for a couple seconds or until you notice he swallows.

Release him and be prepared for giving treats, lovins or whatever appeasement necessary so he does not find this routine as a threat. He will be more likely to accept you giving pills if he doesnt find the routine a threat so giving him kind and loving acknowledgement of him taking the pill is always a good idea.

Good luck, i wish i had some pictures, but i hope you can understand my words enough to envision this process.
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