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My dog!

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This is my dog Chloe. She is a pit bull terrier, 6 years old, who I got from a rescue 4 years ago.

She is the sweetest dog in the world, and infinitely patient and tolerant of my never-ending stream of foster cats and kittens. She has had her tail chewed, her ears boxed, she has been ambushed and pounced on and never ever loses patience! She just loves all cats!

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What a precious picture! You can see the patience in Chloe's face.

I'll move this to Pet Pics.
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Aww, Chloe is sure a patient doggie! And who's that naughty one on Chloe's tail?
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What a beautiful girl. I really think pitbulls are just lovely looking dogs.
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What a sweet picture. I think a dogs tail looks like a very nice kitty toy!
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What an adorable girlie!

I love pitties
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awww, you're little Chloe is such a sweetie! especially with that kitty playing with her tail....too cute!
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She is adorabull!!! I also have a female pitty(still a pup) and so far she seems to like all cats/dogs, but she loves to chase my kittys and that gets a little old. That is so great that she tolerates all your babies.
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A pit bull does have a bad rap...Doesn't this make you see how untrue it can all be
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Awwww, what a precious patient pup!!
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