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computer woes

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Hey, peeps.

You might recall I use a laptop. Last night I unplugged it and took it to bed to finish some stuff. This morning I find that one of the cats peed on the connector! The part that plugs into the machine is all corroded. I tried to clean it and plug it in, but it started SMOKING! I have no idea what to do about that, don't know how long it will take to fix, so if you don't hear from me for a while you know what happened.
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Oh Allison, I'm so sorry! If I were you I would unplug it asap, if you already haven't, and get a new connector if possible. Are connectors terribly expensive? Let us know if you can.
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Aww Sunlion!!! That does suck, but its kinda funny too!!! :LOL: Hope you get if sorted out soon love!!
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Back for a moment . . .

It IS funny, but I think the part is like $50, which I don't have. I'm hoping it's still under warranty, only about 10 months old. And this was the new replacement part I just had to order! lol I wonder, if I drive up to the store and just show it to them and pretend I'm clueless about what happened, if they can just replace the part for me . . . I would have gone up there to get this one, if the replacement hadn't been delivered just before I left!

It charges in certain positions, so all my time online uses battery power. I'll be on and off until the weekend, then take the drive while she's visiting her dad. Much easier to deal with tech people if I don't have a small child telling me how bored she is . . .
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Make sure you get rid of any smell before you take the laptop in for an examination. Or, I guess you could say, "Smell? What smell? Oh, that must be from when it was smoking..." .

Hope that it all works out ok. My cat is obsessed with laptops. He likes to sleep on them - no matter who they belong to. I thought it was the warmth from the computer but he also sleeps on remote controls and keyboards. Maybe he associates all electronics with warmth .
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