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Time for renal disease to present?

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How soon after fairly normal bloodwork can renal disease present?

beavis is starting to worry me-- Hes 18 yrs old, and had bloodwork in Dec 05, when i inherited him he had been on SD senior for several years. ( he has had a ton of trauma and changes in the last few years) I switched him slowly to a much better food and have even gotten him to eat some wet food occasionally. After starting the new food his coat got better and he was more active. We have sinced moved to Texas and not changed foods or anything. I have been giving the cats bottled water so as to not mess up their systems too much with the well water here. Anyway, He has been sleeping a lot more than normal and i finally figured out that its he who is drinking the water bowl dry at nite. ( we are talking almost 40 ounces per day for him, PB, and Calista (my 9 pound chinese crested) Hes lost a bit of weight (not too much but its noticeable) and screams when the kids get upset or laugh too much-- its like the kids voices are too loud for Beavis.

Im taking him in for more bloodwork this month per our old vet's recommendation. The only anamoly in his bloodwork in Dec 05 was a low platelet count. It was a bit lower than the average. He had a CBC and a Senior panel done in Dec. Is there any other test(s) i should ask for?

CRF or kidney disease owners please advise!

worried meowmy to
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Ask for a BUN test ( it stands for something but its late sorry) ... ask for creatine ....

A CBC is a basic blood work did he really get a senior panel... most senior panels have the liver scores ( unsure what it reads) kidney values and other general organ function... Forgive me as I havent addressed anything other than kidney..

When Kandie was first diagnoised I did the Bun and creatine levals every 6-8 weeks ... My current vet says a senior complete once a year and the Bun and creatine every sixth months ...
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BUN = Blood Urea Nitrogen. I would guess that the senior panel may have included thyroid levels, but that would definitely be something to have checked further. You can request a thyroid panel or individual tests, such as the free T4 test. The vocalization, weight loss and increased appetite are all signs of thyroid problems, so it is worth having checked.
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