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What should I do with Wiggles? advice please!

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As I mentionned in a previous thread, my goldfish Wiggles has been sick for a little while now. Until yesterday, it was only some damage to his tail (which I assume is fin rot) but today he is much worse.

Right now, he is at the bottom of the tank, wedged under a plastic plant, sideways and his gills are moving a lot. He's been like that since this morning.

Yesterday, I put some salt in the tank (I put only half the recommended amount)... could he be having a reaction to the salt??
I just did a water change tonight (just in case the salt was the problem) and changed around 1/3 of the water. I know that water changes can be stressful but I thought that at this point, it can't hurt much.

Do you guys think there is any chance of recovery? Or should I put poor Wiggles out of his misery? (using Alka Seltzer... it seems like Clove Oil would be better, but I don't have any...)
I feel so bad to see him like that
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get some melafix and pimafis they are natural fish meds /.// My female betta had a simliar ailment and those two plus the recommended salt fixed her right up..
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I have no further suggestions, except that if you do end his suffering, do not use the alka-selter.

As a cold blooded animal, it would be kindest to place him in a small container of water, and place him in the freezer.
No stress, all body functions will simply slow down until they cease.

Good luck in whatever you decide, I hate losing fish myself, so I know what you're going through.
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Poor Wiggles didn't make it. He was dead by the time I got home today

Kibbles still seems perfectly healthy though. I'll keep an eye on him for the next few days and if he doesn't get sick, I'll assume that it wasn't contagious and get him a new friend.

Still, I miss Wiggy already . He as so cute. I loved the way he would go to the bottom of the tank and wiggle his way to the top.

Here's a picture of him. Sorry it's kind of blurry... it's hard to take pics of wiggly fishies.
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Marie, I'm sorry to hear that Wiggles didn't make it. RIP, sweet little fish.

With my deepest sympathy, I'll move this to Crossing the Bridge.
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RIP Wiggles
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Swim happily over the bridge Wiggles
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Sorry about Wiggles. RIP little one.
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So sorry....
He's a little angelfish for you now.
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Rest In Peace, Wiggles
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Condolences, Marie, on the loss of Wiggles. May he rest in peace!
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I am sorry for your loss of wiggles

he was a beautiful goldfish

r.i.p. Wiggles
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Thanks everyone for the sympathy. I usually feel kind of silly for being sad over a fish, but I knew that you guys would understand. I tried hard to give Wiggles everything a fish could need (good quality food, a large tank with a good filter, lots of bubbles, etc.) but somehow it wasn't enough. I still don't know if it's anything I did wrong or if there was just something wrong with Wiggles.

At least Kibbles is still doing great. No sign of illness at all. If things remain the same for a few more days, I'll go get him a friend. A big fish tank with one little goldfish feels pretty empty.
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