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D.T. Thursday

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Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are having terrific days. I thought I'd let everyone know how the dentist went yesterday; there is good news and bad news . I don't have to have any thing done, I just need to floss more often. Hubby has 13 cavaties, needs 1 root canal, and 2 crowns. Five of his cavaties are so deep that to protect the root they have to put in a protective coating before putting in the filling. Well insurance only covers up to $1,500 dollars and after insurance we are going to owe $1,700!!!! It's so bad that they have to start working on him tomorrow!!! I tell ya, when it rains, it pours

Today is good, a bit warm and humid but that's to be expected. Anyone starting to make plans for the weekend?
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Sabra-tell hubby good luck! I hate going to the dentist also. I just recently went after not going for over 2 years lol. I only had 2 very small cavaties that are starting, so thats good. I am swamped today with math and english homework among other things that I want to get done today while I'm at work (like be on TCS ) It will be almost 90 degrees today. Too bad that I'm stuck inside and later I have to go to school, so I won't get to enjoy the nice weather. I hope everyone has a great day! :flower:
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Thanks you guys, he is being quite the trooper Luckily we worked out a payment plan or else we wouldn't be able to do this.

I'm so excited, I get to see my parents this weeked! We are meeting them up in Dallas on Sunday to have lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse and spend the rest of the afternoon visiting.

I'm so hungry right now and I have an hour before I go to lunch and I was hungry an hour ago! I keep thinking of all this junk food that I would like to have but my lunch is no where close to that. I'm having oatmeal, rice cakes, and an apple! I really want some brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts right now!
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My mouth hurts, just reading about all this dentist stuff. I've broken bones, had babies, naturally and torn ligaments and toughed it out but, dentists make me cry. Even a cleaning sets me off. Don't envy you, at all!
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Sfell- I hate the dentist too. I never had braces because I heard all the horror stories from my friends and siblings. And since I have no insurance, I can't go, but as soon as I start to work fulltime and get both medical and dental, I will go. I also haven't had a physical or a gyn exam. I am sure I am okay, but I need to learn how to do a self-examination since I am 28.

Its been raining and snowing all week. I wanted to take my kids to teh park but I guess I can't. I wish I had a car so that I can take them to places like McDonalds, The Zoo, and we have a Children's Museum. I work today and Friday. On Monday I am going to check up on the employers where I left a resume. I hit the nail when the rest of the people at the job fair forgot their resumes and I was the only one prepared. Discover Card and American Express are hiring but they want me to work Saturdays. I can work Saturdays after I am done with school. I spend the weekends with the kids since I only see them at that time. also, no one likes to babysit anymore, especially on Saturdays. The places were I left the resume are all temp agencies, but thats a start. I can get entry level experience in an offie enviornment.
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Sabra ouch! Your poor hubby! My mouth aches after just reading your account of yesterday. Maybe till he gets this work done he can brush with Sensydyne, the stuff really works well.

It is raining here, and Racer is mowing the backyard grass. The cats are all full of spit and vinegar a sure sign that a storm is heading our way. I am doing my homework and hubby is almost finished building his HAM radio. It will be so nice to have my dining room table back.

Nena if you go to the American Cancer Society website and email them, they will snail mail you a card you can put on your shower that shows you how to do a self-exam. A neccessary thing to do no matter how old you are!

Well, back to math. I have CNN on in the background and they are talking about this latest plane crash. They believe the pilot lost control of the plane but they don't really know. Just lots of speculation at this point. Sad day for Canadians and Italians too
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Too much tragedy in the world lately! When will it end?

Well, it is sunny now but we are supposed to get a big storm tomorrow. Same one that Alicia was talking about yesterday with the snow. We really need the rain or snow so I hope it hits big! I want to be able to have a campfire when we are camping this year!

If you haven't seen it already - you have to check out the Calling all Ladies thread! We have some great taste in men around here!!!

Have a great day!
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Another beautiful day in Toronto! It is like summer already. I love it. I am having a very busy day - I had my 1st sign language class today at work it was alot of fun. It is being taught by a deaf man and no one is allowed to talk during the lesson. I have 5 more classes. I have a lot of plans for the weekend. Shopping for my cousin's b-day prz on Saturday and on Sunday taking a trip into the country (Menonite area) for his birthday luncheon and party followed by a visit to my sister. It should be fun.
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Well, y'all know about my computer troubles. How the heck did that cat (yes, Fred, I'm talking about you) know where to pee? Dang beast!

Daughter sees her dad this weekend, so that should be nice. He didn't see her yesterday because he was still in Ohio.

Got my hair cut, almost 10" off! And I've dyed it dark red. The color is called plum and it should fade to a dark brown, but right now it's turned all my grays to fuschia! Pretty funny.

Time to make some lunch and get ready to pick up daughter.

Sabra, let me know how long the drive is Houston / DFW. My best friend from high school is visiting her bro in Houston this summer and I'm driving down to see her, I'd like to know what I'm getting into and how much time to allot myself.
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I have made the drive several times and here is what I know. When driving from North Houston to Grapevine Mills is about 3.5 hours. Driving from North Houston to South Dallas (Spaghetti) is about 3 hours. It all depends on where in the city you start/end. So it can take any where from 3 to 4.5 hours. I guess I ought to mention that I do go a little over the speed limit (78is in a 70).
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Well, it is a beautiful day here in Brantford, Ontario. But I came home early from work because I am sick For the past three days, I've had a very sore throat and swollen glands. And today, I've began to feel light headed and disoriented. My whole body aches!! It's not nice.

Sfell, sorry to hear about hubby! I bet he's just looking forward to getting all of that work done on his mouth! Good luck to him.
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Take your temp! I went through that the end of January and it was the flu. Very nasty. But MD gave me Tamiflu or something like that, fever gone in about 36 hrs and within 3 days felt like myself again. MD said it was running close to 2 weeks without the meds.

It's probably just a little cold, but just in case, you know?
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It is hot and miserable here. 94 degrees and 85% humidity. The Marine Expidition Unit, (MEU) got back today, so there is a festive feeling here. Signs and balloons everywhere. This tour has been out for 6 months are glad to be back. They had seen combat in Afghanistan and been to camp x-ray. They are so young, it is hard to believe they have been off defending our country.
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Another slooooooooooooooow day at work. **Yawns** I get sleepy just thinking about it.

The animal control officer brought in this dog who was almost 2 years old along with her two puppies. This dog we had once seen when she was 6 months old and she was brought in because she was hit by a car. Anyway her owner is a real jerk and doesn't deserve a dog like her. He doesn't deserve any dog for that matter but anyhow this is her THIRD litter and he always lets her run loose so she gets hit by cars and pregnant. It's amazing this dog is still alive.

He willingly gave up the puppies but still wants to keep her. The doctor was real angry about this along with all of us. The ACO officer is going to try and convince him to give her up but I don't think he will. It's a shame you know? This poor dog hasn't even had her 2nd birthday and already she's had 3 litters of pups.

Other than that nothing exciting happened. Enjoy the rest of the day!!
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Hey Krazy Kat - did you see that you have made Alpha Cat???

Little party for Krazy Kat!
:blubturq: :baloon:

Ok, that turned into a bit of a big party!

Hey - since you are by a Marine base, (I assume Camp Lejune since it was on TV today) do you know where Cherry Point, NC is? My dad was stationed there and my sister was born at the base there.
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