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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Dear Friends from TCS! ....

Yes I quit......from the Work that I´ll do since 8 years ago.....I´m tired to do the same thing and for the same salary,.....I ask for an increment and the answer was
"Sorry fella, we need more dedication and best results, but you going to have more work!..."

How they to ask to me more and best results after 8 years????, the guy that is my boss is a person who don´t to know me..... ....How can I to cheated to whole C.O. during 8 years?????????...So I decided to quit the friday ago

Well, I turn the page, and THANKS to GOD!, I have a new work!!!So I begin the next monday!!!.....

I´m working to have internet at home, so my schedule should to modify and I´m so sure I´m converted in a Owl here on TCS!!!

Thanks to listen to me my friends, Until then!

Hi Rigel, just saw this and wanted to say congrats on the new job. I am very happy for you. It is miserable to work hard for someone only to be ignored and then insulted when you ask for what is reasonable. I hope your new job is the greatest and that you are very happy there. Best wishes.
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Hey there, CoolCat....you are one smart kitty treat.

I wish I had the same cojones!!!!

Best wishes my friend.
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Rigel, I'm so happy for you, and wish you a lot of luck at your new job! That was quick. Just think, if you have Internet at home, you can also post on weekends.
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Rigel, You deserve a boss who appreciates you. I hope you found a great boss and a fun job! Congrats!
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Rigel, it's good to hear you got another job after quiting the other one. Good luck with your new job!
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Yay Rigel! that's showing the company!!

I'm happy you've got a new job, and that you may get internet at home!!
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glad everything worked out so well for you!! remember, everytime one door closes, another opens! Happy days!!
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Rigel, I was just reading this prayer right before I signed on to TCS this evening. Part of it reads as follows: "Help us to take failure, not as a measure of our worth, but as a chance for a new start." I am very sorry to hear that you've gone through "stress" at work but am very happy to hear that all is now well!
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Thank you so much my friends for your really, WARM and KIND words, to me! ....that really to Inspire to me to be better day after day and of course to get improve and to DON´T to feel GIVE UP!.......

I to take the note about it dear Amie!!! ....that really is great advice!!!!

Thank you My friends!!!!
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Way to go .. I hope the new job gives you what your looking for
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