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Spokane WA

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Does anyone know the area of Spokane in Washington State?

My friend has just moved there and I'm interested to know about the area from someone who knows it. Apparantly it's quite close to Canada, but I don't know what part.

Any info would be great.

Cheers Guys!
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Heh heh, Spokane. Well, over here in the Puget Sound, we kinda joke around about Spokane a lot. Apparently the guys wear 'wife-beater' tank tops a lot. It's really cold there in winter and hot in summer, because they aren't by the ocean. It's close to Canada, if you drive straight north, you hit Canada, but the nearest big city is over here, north of Seattle, and that's Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. Spokane is 4 hours east of Seattle, so I would guess if you drove north from Spokane, you'd be 4 hours east of Vancouver in Canada!
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he he - haven't heard that term 'wife beater shirts' in quite a while!
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Okay, what is a "wife beater shirt"?
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A wife beater (shirt) is the type of white tank top that a man would normally wear under a dress shirt.
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