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Put my cat to sleep?

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Ok, I was wondering if its time to put my cat to sleep...

Shes 17 years old. We brought her to the vet a while ago. She had a UTI (in december), and we gave her medicine twice to fix it. She use to just pee on my bed, but lately she's been peeing everywhere. Its heartbreaking. Even after the vet visit, we decided to put her on food with UTI prevention in it.

My family thinks it's time she's put to sleep, but I can't let her go. I still believe that theres more we can do, but I don't know what. I was wondering if you guys had any idea. Is my family right?
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have you asked your vet what other options there are?

Its a hard decision to make, but you will know when its time. How will you know? you will simply just know. If her quality of life deminishes then its time. Cats know how to hide their pain very well. Trust your intincts and talk to your vet about other options.

Good luck - we are all here for you to talk to if/when you need it
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Maybe you should also see another vet to get a second opinion?

Danielle is right. You will know in your heart when it is time. It all depends on your cat's quality of life. I hate to make this decision a little over a year ago, and while it is absolutely heart breaking, your cat will let you know when it is time.
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I'll be praying for you as you work through this. I've been in this situation recently and know how bad it hurts.

Let your vet(s) help you and guide you and concentrate on giving your kitty as much love and attention as you can. When the time does arrive, you'll know.
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At 17 years old, it is a very real possibility that your kitty's little kidneys are failing - but unless this is very, very advanced, you can offer supportive care. It is an option to consider if you feel the time just isn't right yet to euthanize.

I would seek the opinion of a different vet to determine what is causing your girl's issues and then make a decision based on the facts.
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What's even worse is that our vet comes in once a month. I live in such a remote area that its not possible to access the vet anytime. I'm not sure where the closest vet is, but I'm guessing the next closest is around 4 hours away.

My cat seems the same way she did 10 years ago. I've noticed she sleeps a lot (which shouldn't seem surprising, she IS a cat, except I just notice it more now). She cries because I close my door now, because she pees in my bed. She use to love laying on my bed in the sun. I think the reason I notice her resting more is because she no longer does it in my room.
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That's a tough one. If she is still eating and gets around ok, I know I wouldn't be able to do it, but the peeing thing is a problem. I would deal with the peeing and how to lessen it's impact on me. I would put a big shower curtain and then an old comforter on the bed, so when she pees it won't go into the matress. Of course I would be washing the comforter a lot. At night I guess I would keep her out too, but I might put a nice soft washable kitty bed outside the door. I would probably have numerous little litter boxes all over the house, and if I caught her peeing where she shouldn't, I would pick her up and put her in the box. Maybe you could even put a little litter box on top of the bed when you are not home, so she can still bask in the sun. I would do everything I could until I couldn't do it anymore, or her quality of life has deteriorated so much that it breaks your heart to look at her.

Good Luck, it will be tough, but take comfort in knowing you gave her a good life.
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I let her sleep with me. She never pees on the bed when I'm in it. Does that mean anything? Nobody has ever caught her peeing anywhere. She seems to only do it when nobody is home. I've actually checked her litter box before, and I've found pee in there. It's so bizarre. We've had her for so long and never had one problem, not even worms or ANYTHING. Now, we get hit with this massive problem. Thanks for your help so far everyone!
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I'd have her bladder x-rayed for stones, and did they do bloodwork to check the kidneys and liver? Sometimes blood can be present in the urine if either of these are not working right and make it look like a UTI.
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I wasn't able to go to the vet with her. My family told me that the vet did put a needle into her bladder to get some urine. I think I'll just try to get her another appointment, see what's going on.
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Age is no indicator of if she should be put to sleep.
As others have mentioned, if her qualitity of life is good, there is no reason to think along those lines.
Notice her eyes, how she walks and how she eats. Observe how much fluid she drinks. If here eyes are still clear and bright, she walks as she always did and her fur is not oily or unkempt she is most likely a good ole girl that just has peeing issues.
If her food intake and especially her water intake are different or lower she may have real issues to be concerned with.
If you notice that she has discomfort around her bladder area and does not drink enough, you have to see a vet. again.

Cats, like people, as the get older are a little bit more 'onery. She may be peeing in "no-no" spots becasue she is upset at the vet visit she went through.
If she seems healthy in all other aspects, i would recommend showing her where her litter box is again.
Maybe add another one. or a brand new one. clean it out more frequently and reshow her where it is after her every meal. Praise her with affection and treats when so goes where she is supposed to.
Do not stand over her while she goes potty, cats do not like to be watched when they go.
If your bed room is the hot spot for her pees, maybe put a litter box in there for her.
Basically you want to make it as convienant as possible for her to go "potty" so that she will ge back into her routine of where to go and where not to go.
You may also want to try to use "cat attract" litter. You can dilute this litter with your existing litter to make it last a bit longer. this litter works.
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Thanks, I'll try that out. By the things you've mentioned, I can see that my cat does not need to be put to sleep. Shes the same cat as she was 10 years ago
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My senior is also 17. I have some litterbox issues that I have to work with.
I caught him yesterday on the counter nibbling on some uncooked breakfast sausages. He sleeps alot and has lost some weight but as you mentioned its still the same cat. Good luck with her.
BTW my name is Gail too!!-love the name for this site!!
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