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i need help,sleep and a form of kitty prozac!

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ok heres the deal,,i have 3 cats,,about a mth ago my girlfriend brought home a new kitten. well after they all got used to each other everything was fine till now. The new kitten is on crack or something, he hardley ever tiers out! he constantly wakes me up in the night at the same time to. 1;30 am and 4;30 am. i think he learned teh 4;30 deal from my mancoon,,he would whine to wake us up for some reason then stop as soon as we petted him! lol..Anyway,,the lil one is getting to be a lil annoying.i have to wake up at 6 every mourn and getting 4 hrs of sleep each night aint cutting it.is there any way i can get him to calm down,,so far all i have done is make sure he has plenty of toys and attention,,and the toys just make it worse i think(gives him something to drag in to bed all wet w/cat spit) well any help would be great..

dirty-a man who needs his sleep!
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Oh dirtytoy - you made me laugh with your scenerio. I can just picture the cat-spit covered toys. I have snuggled up to a few of them in my time too! Your little one is playing kitty-commando! They are nocturnal by nature. Try playing a lot with him right before your bed time to tire him out. Close the beroom door? He will get used to your routine in time. In the mean time, try a power cat-nap now and then!
PS - welcome to the site. Be sure to stick around and tell of more about your fur-babes and their antics!
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hey deb thx,,but the closed door thing wont work! the other 2 cats wont stand for that they have to have access to anyroom we are in,,all i would here then is samson my mancoon crying and the others scratching!lol but i wil try somethin thx for yer help!
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First off you kitten isn't on crack, he's a kitten. They have so much energy and they can destroy a house and a good nights sleep in moments! LOL Is there anyway you can tucker him out during the day so he can sleep at night? Earplugs for you might be helpful, or letting him sleep under the covers, instead of on top of them. Getting a second kitten would allow him to romp with someone else, but that might not be feasible. Sounds like he has bonded with you greatly and as he grows up his behaviour will change honest! LOL Thanks for the giggle this morning!
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I too have a three cat home with a new kitten. He is 6 months old now, and not slowing down yet.

First off, I know how you feel. My kitten is a very rambunctions Siamese, and also very talkative. He can play fetch with a milk bottle top 25 times in a row before passing out, we start this game at about 11:00pm.

This may sound mean but I (in my state of unconsciousness, I swear) toss Blue off the bed in my sleep, and he has learned not to bother us. So I am told, I would never NEVER smack a cat awake...

We purchased a product called "Good Cat", sold at PetSmart(goodness I hate that store) and its an all natural homeopathic remedy for overactive cats. It really really works. he is neautered but he always trying to mount my older female. ANd no, the neaturing did not slow him down one bit.

Also, something else I know isnt really good for him: When he gets too hyper and we have had enough, we let him pig out on canned cat
kitten food. Its very high in protien and calories and after he eats,
he takes a bath and has at least 5 hours of sleep.

I do know exactly what you mean! I never had a spaz cat untill this one!!
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thanks alot for all yer ideas..he has 2 other cats he plays with to the point that they actually swat at him to stop!lol,..guess i will just have to grin and bear for now..or move out!lol hopefully he wont get any other bad ideas or habits from my other 2 cats!lol,,sine he is already copying them as we speek!lol.,
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Egads, Asim never used to know the meaning of the word, took me over a year to get him to 'sorta' accept what bed time was, and what his bedroom was for, and to stop MEOWING ALL NIGHT.

I can't offer any advice, but I would like suggestions, I foster cats and often the cats need to be in quarantine, and will make such frightful noises.
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