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my sweet kitty

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Kitty is at the vet's office (yet again) for her mouth. I found a lump in her lip last night and took her in to have it looked at. She has an abcess on one of her back teeth and will be having a surgical extraction today. I feel really bad because she probably had it for a while but was hiding it well. I'm pretty confident that she will come through this ok, despite her age. I everyone can send some good thoughts her way today as she goes under anesthesia
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Awwww bless her little heart I'm sure everything will be fine and she'll feel much better once she's had it done and back home.

Let us know how it went, but sending her (((((strong healing vibes))))) in the meantime
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Awww poor Kitty. Sending out {{{{Healing and Feel Better Vibes}}}}.
Get well soon sweetie. Keep us posted and good luck!
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sending tons of good vibes to kitty!
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Thanks for all the warm thoughts... still waiting to hear how it went. This is like the worst torture!!
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chin up and think happy thoughts... I am sure everything will be fine.

Please let us know what the results are - stay strong little kitty
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Originally Posted by kitty's keeper
Thanks for all the warm thoughts... still waiting to hear how it went. This is like the worst torture!!

I know that feeling. Spot's been under anesthesia three times in the past year and a half, and it's always nerve-wracking waiting to hear that they came out of the procedure. Best thoughts to you and Kitty.
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Just talked to the vet... she came through ok . They removed 2 teeth and biopsied a tumor in the back of her mouth (this was the cause of the swelling). She should be home tonight, thankfully!!!
Has anyone ever heard of tumors in cat's mouth's? Now I'm a little curious as to what that must be.
Thanks everyone for all your moral and emotional support... I have to say that I am completely drained and will be napping now!!
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I'm glad Kitty came through the surgery OK. I know you'll be glad to get her home. Relax and rest, now. The waiting is very stressful.

Hope she'll be home very soon feeling fine.
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Awww, poor Kitty Glad it all went well. Sending lots of good vibes her way. Hope she's feeling better soon.
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My silly kitty is up to no good already!! She's been tearing around the house and her tail has been twitching!!
Our good news for yesterday was that all of her bloodwork was good.. including kidneys and liver (hospitalized in oct for fatty liver disease). I'm begining to wonder why I worry so much when she surprises us every single time with such a quick recovery!
I just have to say thanks to everyone for all your kind thoughts, it really means a lot to me.
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Good thoughts going out for your sweet baby!
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We got the news on the tumor yesterday afternoon, it is squamous cell carcinoma. I have read a little about it online and it doesn't sound good. I think maybe I'm in a bit of shock considering that this is my childhood pet.
We will be making an appointment with an oncologist to see what can be done. Maybe it won't be so bad.
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I am sorry to hear that Sending lots of good health vibes to your sweet girl.
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