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Hi, I'm new too!

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I've got 4 kitties and a bunch of reptiles, 2 guinea pigs and a couple of aquariums so you can see I love animals. I work part time at a pet store and go to school full time. My cats names are: Gabby whose 3, a little bit on the tubby side and she adopted me. At the time I was living in the dorms and we weren't supposed to have pets at all but I managed to sneak her in. Everyone babysat her so she's very people friendly! Chewbacca (Chewy) my ragdoll/himalayan 2 year old boy. He's the sweetest gentlest cat I've ever met. Delilah (Lila) who's Chewy's sister she can be extremely sweet and cute and very very annoying when she's in heat. And finally Monster who's 10 months old and literally wandered into my house through an open door and decided this was home. And yes he is a little terror that drives everyone up the wall at least 5 times a day!
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Hi Suli!!

What kind of reptiles do you have? Now I only have an Iguana left but I used to have 2 Ball pythons, an African sand boa, 2 Burmese pythons and a long tailed grass lizard.

Anyway I'm sure you'll like it here since this is a great place to talk about your kitties and ask questions.

I look forward to hearing more about them!!
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Suli, hi! What a cast of characters you have there! It must be a lot of fun. I like the names you chose. Monster sounds like a good name for a cat with enough nerve to claim squatter's rights!
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a full house. I'm sure you've got great stories to tell.

Hope to see you posting often!
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I have 2 bearded dragons, 5 leopard geckos, 1 baby sulcatta, 1 scneider skink, and a poison dart frog. I've never had any snakes although I absolutely love them. I just still haven't been able to get used to the idea of feeding them mice (I used to have mice as pets when I was little). Someday I think I'll get a snake though, probably a corn, I've seen some really beautiful ones.
What did you do with all your snakes? What did your cats think about them? 2 of my cats seem to think that I'm just fattening the reptiles up for them to eat later on! LOL!
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hi! looks like you got your hands full! welcome
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Well my cats were never too interested in the snakes. Although they LOVE the Iguana. One time when Xavier was a kitten we left the Iguana's cage open(he's allowed free roam in the computer room when we're in there) and he climbed in thinking he's be able to take him on. Well when we found him he was huddled in the corner of the Iguana's cage and the Iguana was in striking position with his tail.

As soon as Xavier saw us he cried and we got him out. Not without the Iguana getting a few tail smacks in. He never bothered him again.

Unfortunatly one of the ball pythons died and the other one got really lonely. We had started out with one and got two and they were really close. We found a good home for him that has another Ball so he won't be all by himself.

The other snakes we found homes for as well. The big snakes you had to feed really big rats or rabbits and I don't like dealing with either. Plus I was scared that if they got out they'd be able to eat one of my cats!!
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My goodness, what a full house you have!!!! I used to have a guinea pig, but, recently,(one week ago), I gave him away to my cousins who had just lost their cat. I had to find Nibbs(the guinea pig)a new home anyways, because in September, I'm moving to Thunder Bay, a 16 hour drive away! I'm going to be starting university up there, and I don't think he would have done well with the big car ride up there. But my cousins like him, and play with him all the time!! Anyways, enough about me...Welcome to the site!!!!
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Hi and welcome! It sounds like you have a big family!
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