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Please Read And Help !!!!

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My name is Sabine Harding, and I decided to create this account in order to support an organisation that I truly admire and appreciate:

The EMRO-Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (http://www.emaurescue.org/index.htm)

What is EMRO?

"(...) Formed in 2004, EMRO is a registered non-profit animal welfare group (NGO) in Cairo, Egypt dedicated to rescuing these descendants of the sacred cat of Ancient Egypt. They are an adoption agency both locally and internationally for tame Maus), and are creating a sanctuary for feral Maus. They depend upon the generosity of private and corporate donors to exist, and need to increase education about these magnificent and intelligent cats, both locally and internationally...(...)*

An animal lover and egyptologist by heart I have been fallen for these amazing cats immediately, and I am now about to adopt two of the shelter cats myself.

What exactly is the Egyptian Mau?

"EGYPTIAN MAU CATS are the oldest known descendents of the domestic cat, existing since Pharonic times, and they are the only naturally occurring small spotted cat in the world. However, Maus are facing possible extinction. In their homeland, they are currently unrecognized, routinely poisoned, and often suffer from endemic feline disease. Outside of Egypt, many Maus are also endangered due to interbreeding and lack of new bloodlines (...)." *

-* adapted from http://www.emaurescue.org/index.htm


I am volunteering for this organization, and spending my time and money to support them WHEREVER possible. Although I have just started, I hope to attract people all over the world, with the help of MySpace.

What is the goal of this BLOG/MYSPACE page?

My personal goal is mainly to make people aware of EMRO, to eventually find sponsors or even potential adopters for the cats, and also to animate people to make a donation, even if it is only a couple of dollar. EVERY MONEY WILL BE NEEDED AND USED ONLY TO SUPPORT THE CATS.

Please, visit the website to find more information about EMRO, Egyptian Maus and ways to help:


or visit my own website:

In the following days I will also blog and post stories and pictures of few cats who are waiting for potential sponsors or new owners. Feel free to contact me any time, for I am in frequent and regular contact with the founders and can help you with any questions concerning adoption or sponsoring. Of course, you can also contact the organisation itself ( data also to be found on their website ):

Villa 11, Block 4, Ground Floor, El Togarayeen City,

Al Mokattam, Cairo Egypt

Tel/Fax: 202-507-6946, Mobile: 20-010-654-4707 (Arabic/English)

Email: info@emaurescue.org ; Website: www.emaurescue.org

Thank you very much for a little bit of your time, and I would be happy to hear from many of you.

Yours truly,

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From time to time you will see some posts that request donations for a specific cause. It is YOUR responsibility to check these solicitors to the best of your ability. Ask for references and phone numbers, and call around the area to find out if this is a legitimate cause or a scam. The Catsite.com does not stand behind any solicitation of funds that appears in the forums. Be very careful before you send any money; no matter how effective the plea is, check it out before opening your wallet.
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