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My boys love to play in the snow
Timmy is the red one and Tarzan is the white with black spots:

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Those are too "cool"!! They look like they are having a blast
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those are awesome pictures! I wish my cats felt that way about the snow! Lucky hates to get her paws cold so refuses to go out in the snow!
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What nice action pictures. They do look like the don't mind the snow at all.
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Awwee! they are so cute playing in the snow!
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Wonderful pics!! Lovely kitties! They are having a grand time!

Our RB Gryphon was a "snow kitty" -- he was absolutely in his element, whenever we got a bit of a dump -- which isn't often. He could never induce either of the others to join him though.
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Yes, they are so cute when they play in the snow. And here in Norway it's lots of snow during the winter
My Balinese girl refuse to go out, it's to cold (even though she's got a jumper to wear), so she sits in the window and looks at the boys.
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Those are great pictures! Thank you for sharing!
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that is just to cute and wonderful action shots there
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What awesome action shots! Harley doesn't like the snow much!

You got some really great pics!!
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great pictures!
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Those are great pictures! I loved them! Your kitties are adorable!
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