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Possible new land lord, I have a question

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As if I'm not under enough stress, I got a call from my land lord last night. He's having the building appraised next Monday. Which means, a day trip to the boarding clinic for Maggie as he doesn't know about her. No big deal it's less than $17 for the day I can handle that, I just hope she can. What's got me more worried is unless he is selling the place why would he want to bring an apprasier thru? So my question would be if I got a new land lord who didn't allow cats, by law how long does he or she have to give me to find a new place to live? (I know it could be get rid of the cats, but that's not going to happen) I'm just worried with 4 kitties it's going to be really hard to find a place & I'd rather not be in this situation again where the landlord doesn't know about all of them. I didn't want to move just yet, but I have wanted to get a bigger place. I'm just stressing right now.
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I dont know how long he would have to give you but since you were already a tenant you should be able to stay and not get rid of the babies. I dont know what the legal stuff is though. i hope someone can help you! Good luck!
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I can't help with the other questions, but an appraisal is normally done if yuo are refinancing. Maybe that's all there is to it?
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I just went through a landlord switch and will be going through another one within the next few weeks (building was sold last summer to another big time owner... now all units are going condo, and mine is being purchased by investor).

They didn't do appraisals of individual units, but then again, the building has over 300 of them. But this is what I can pass along to you. If he's selling, whoever buys it has to honor your lease term. I'm not sure about the cats, but they can't kick you out without a reasonable amount of time (here in Illinois is about 60 days), so check with a local tenants' rights advocacy group... only if he is selling. Don't freak out over nothing... as has been mentioned, he may just be refinancing.

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I agree he might be doing an appraisal for insurance or refinancing purposes.
If you are really concerned I would call him and ask.
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Rang, I am sorry you are under stress. But it helps to have some facts. First of all - yes, he's most likely re-financing, which is no big deal and has nothing to do with the leases. The market is so hot for re-fi's that he's just jumping on the bandwagon. If he does sell, it's a long process for an apartment building, called "A multi-family residential dwelling". The sale will pend until all work orders are completed -which can take months. Even though your unit might be in great shape or whatnot, many times there is quite a long list of work order items on a public building prior to sale. The new owner by law has to honor the remaining terms of the leases....and he will have copies of everybody's lease. However, that said, if you are in violation of any terms of your lease (like animals, unfortunately) then you will be given a request in writing to comply with the terms of the lease within 30 days. The owner now, or even a new owner, will have that right if you are not in compliance on your end. If they should find out about the kitties. But for a new owner to come in and everyone gets "evicted" is a breach of contract (a Torte) and it's so awfully messy for the new owner that it never happens. They are allowed, however, to raise rent with 60 days' notice and new owners usually do things like that. But most likely the current owner is refinancing. If he was selling, you would have seen more maintenace crews and minor construction before the appraisal, in order to get the best market value position for a higher sales price.

I would definitely contact the State of Wisconsin tenants union - you can find it online.

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I know I shouldn't freak out until I know for sure what's happening, but I just can stop thinking about how hard it will be to find a new place to live. I called & no one was home at my land lords so I had to leave a message.
I should add that I don't have a lease. I've been living in the building for almost 7 years & the current land lord has never required a lease. The only cat listed on the application I filled out was Smokey who passed away over 2 years ago, but I did get a verbal agreement from the land lord to have the 3 boys. He never said I couldn't have another cat, but I never asked either because the law in Milwaukee is 3.
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The appraisal may be due to something as simple as your landlord changing his homeowners' insurance. We have a duplex, half of which is rented out, and following some bad flooding here in 2002, the insurance companies changed their policies (many of them refused to continue to cover flood damage). We looked for new coverage, and had to have the house reappraised in order to get it.
If your landlord is indeed planning on selling, you might want to get his agreement to your having cats in writing. But don't panic. When we took over the "other half" of our house, the tenants there had a dog, and their lease specified that they could have that particular dog. We didn't even think about changing it, which led to a really weird situation. Their dog died, they didn't tell us, and they (self-employed) went on "vacation" for several months. When they returned, they had the same breed of dog (rough-haired Dachshund), with the same name (Anya), but it was obviously a much, much younger dog. They looked around for a puppy that strongly resembled Anya, and waited till she was about the same size before moving back in, for fear that we would kick them out for getting another dog. We had absolutely nothing against them having another dog, and if they'd discussed it with us, they would have saved themselves a lot of trouble and money.
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Well the bad news is the land lord is selling, but the good news is that he is selling to his daughter who has 3 cats & 2 dogs. So I really don't think it will be a problem. Thanks everyone, I know I freaked, but between school my Mom & her heart & this I thought I was about to lose it.
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So glad it will probably work out fine. Just talk to her and let her know that you have the kitties (all of them )
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Phew! It sounds a bit better that it's his daughter and he can tell his daughter what a good tenant you have been!
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