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Does anyone else have kitties with seasonal allergies? My Leo has been sneezing like crazy and his eyes are watering a bit. Fred and Leo both had it last year. The vet says it is not uncommon, but I had never had a cat to get anything like this. They seem to like sniffing the Vicks Vap-o-Rub. I guess it must help with their congestion, too. The pollen is getting me already. I hate to see my kitties feeling bad.
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Fallon doesn't have seasonal allergies, she has them year round. Her eyes water all the time and sometimes the right eye is half shut because it gets so red and watery.

I have to put drops in her eyes when they get bad and believe me it is not fun. She may be tiny but she can put up a fight.

This time of year is just bad for everyone. People everywhere are sneezing. It seems to be worse this year. Maybe it was the warm winter we had?
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