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Anal gland problems?

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I was just reading up about cat anal glands, because I knew nothing about them, and I wanted to know more about them. I was reading about some problems that occur with cats and their anal glands, and then suddenly it was like a red flag popped up. I was reading how bleeding and scuuting across the floor is a sign that something is wrong. My cat Flash has had blood and mucus quite a few times after going to the bathroom, and she has scutted across the floor once in a while this month, but until reading I thought this was just some weird behavior, never paying attention to it. Also after reading it says overweight cats are more prone to it, and my cat is 2 pounds overweight. Her glands have never been squeezed in the 3 years we had her. She has her yearly checkup this week, and I wanted to tell the vet about the problem, but if something needs to be done like surgery, we cant afford that. Does this sound like it could be serious, or do her glands just need to be squeezed, and then she will be fine?
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dont sound serious also have the vet take a stool sample to rule out worms.. but I am glad the vet is checking
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Yeah, not all anal glands have to be removed, but be sure to have them squeezed routinely if she scoots, because if they aren't, they can rupture and then she'll be in a lot of pain and it can be expensive to fix. Your vet may recommend a higher fiber diet to try to make her stools harder, and they might express on their own. Overweight cats have more of a problem with anals than lean cats.
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You express the glands, if you squeeze them you are liable to not enjoy the experience. There is a technique to it and your vet will probably be happy to show you. Scooting, blood and mucuous is also consistent with worms- have you had a fecal done?
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One time when my Panther was lying on me I smelled a terrible odor and when he got up from my arms my shirt smelled! He does not scoot or have blood in his stool but yesterday I was noticing he has diarrhea again and when I held his tail up to clean his butt a milky white fluid came out of his butt.

Is THIS anal fluid?
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I'm guessing it's the anal glands because she is overweight, and her stools are loose, but I guess if they need a fecal sample I can get that. There's no way we can squeeze them, the vet will have to do that.
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Originally Posted by keith p
I'm guessing it's the anal glands because she is overweight, and her stools are loose, but I guess if they need a fecal sample I can get that. There's no way we can squeeze them, the vet will have to do that.
You shouldn't do it yourself anyway unless you've been shown the proper way to do it by a vet.

Have you talked to a vet yet re an appointment, fecal sample, etc.?
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My kitty Dexter has anal sacs that plug. For him, it is a chronic condition.
You need to have your vet make a diagnosis.
They can become infected if they remain plugged, so even though money may be tight...it would be worth it to have your vet take a look.

Also .... do a search on "anal sac/anal plugging/anal glands in the this Health forum. There are quite a few threads about this problem that might be useful to you.

Keep us updated please.
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My little Sheba has the problem, and it is beginning to appear it is going to be a chronic problem. I've had the vet express her anal glands three times in the past six months or so, the last time about two weeks ago. And I noticed last night, she was scooting again. She isn't overweight, either, just 9.5 pounds. Poor kitty.

Glad to hear your Flash will be seeing the vet soon.
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my kitty also has gland problems. hers had been squeeze out by a vet. then last sat it rupture blood all over floor. well no vet where i live on wkends so i put peroxide and warm compresses on it. when i finally got in touch with vet he acted like no big deal. i told when what i was doing and he said it should heal up. but she isn't herself. he said all the gland problems come from the food they are on. i appreciate a feedback on this matter.
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Welcome to TCS,
you will find a lot of support here.

I would consider this an emergency...
I think that your cat should be seen by a vet ASAP,
to be sure there is not an infection...
especially since your cat is not behaving normally,
she could be in pain or worse.

If you are not happy with your current vets response,
try to get her into someone else for an opinion right away.

If you have not done this already...
use the search tool at the top of the Health Forum...
using key words like anal sacs or anal gland...
do a search to learn more...but I would not wait, a vet visit is in order.

You both will be in my thoughts.
Please let us know how your kitty is doing.
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