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My cat is in labor right now what i do??

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Shes having her third kitten right now
what can i do
what i need to be checking out for?
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First, read this link.
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Next, just relax. Most likely, the Momma cat knows what she is doing. Mostly you just are standing by in case of difficulty, and then you call the vet. Keep kitty quiet, don't let the kids and neighbors in while the birth is going on. She needs peace and quiet, and a warm nest to keep her babies. Make sure she has food and water nearby, and a litterbox nearby. Often, new Moms don't want to get too far from the babies.

Soon, many more experinced people will be posting. Best of luck with the babies. Congrats!
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thanks allot but i dont have ay vets near by
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Are there any problems so far?
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Well, generally you don't need a vet for delivery of kittens! Only if there was a problem. Is this her first litter?
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OK, first things first ... remember to take a breath now and then. *smile*

If your little girl is delivering her 3rd kitten and all is well so far, then relax and enjoy the experience. You can take the other babies and place them behind your girl's head until she is finished delivering. Just make sure they aren't chilled because they will still be wet.

Is Momma cat cleaning them off and attending to them?
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She finished with 4 kittens
all well haved. She cleaned them all up and ate all the placentas ( im not shure of the last one)
This was her first litter (in her first heat too) But she did great. this morning she woke me up for food and gave her some and she had water and went tho the bathroom. then she went back to her kittens. She wants a lot of love from me, and she doesnt get angry when i move them around so she doesnt squish them.
i have a male cat in the room that isn there father. can he be around? he comes now and then when shes not ther and sniffes them and touches them wit the paw.
Is ther any special care i should be giving to them or her and what should i be watching out for?
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Now she calls me a lot. Doesnt want me to leave her alone. Seems to need my help or attention
What i do
What she needs
thank you
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Since this is her first litter she is looking to you as her care giver for support. If you are able stay with her stay and comfort her. Tell her what a good mom she is being. . The temp in Santa Isabel is in the mid 70's? Generally I keep my room temp between the mid 70's and 80 so just watch to see that they don't get too cold. New born kittens can't maintain their body heat so they snuggle with mom for warmth. If they get cold they will get sleepy and not eat.
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Is the new male neutered??????
Unneutered males MIGHT kill newborn kittens out of instinct.. it will make the queen go back into heat faster.

If he's not neutered PLEASE keep him away from the kittens.
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Also, please keep your male away from the kittens just to be safe. He might attempt to play with the kittens and might end up hurting them. Just a safety issue. And keep your momma kitty indoors because she can get back into heat pretty quickly so she doesn't get pregnant again.
And congrats on your kittens, I bet they're adorable!
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keep the momma cat away from the males too until she is spayed because she can get pregnant again really quickley.
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Also, make sure your cat has food all the time. I'm new at this, but she shouldn't have to wake you up for it. At least, not while she's tending to the little ones.

Just a suggestion
And congrats!
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