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Kitten is drooling and tounge is sticking out

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I have a 9 month old kitten, which has been to the Vet numerous times for this problem, but to no avail. I am wondering if anyone might have had the same problems with their kitten or cat. Her syptoms usally appear at least once a week. Drooling, tongue sticking out, and in a croutched postion. The vets thinks it might be an acid reflex/indegestion problem and has her on tagament daily. We thought it might be food allergies, so we kept a dairy of her food and that netted no positive results, no matter what kind of food it was, she would still get sick. Just not all the time. She can get the syptoms weather she eats a little or a lot, but the more she eats the worse it is. She is gaining weight and has had her stool check just last week to again rule out parasites. It usally takes her a day or two to get back to normal. Any one have any ideas?
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She's not having seizures, is she?
Does the tagament help any?
Did the vet try prescribing an allergy food, like IVD?
Could the kitten be getting into anything -- ant traps, cleaning supplies, etc.?
Could she have eaten string or something that could be making her ill when she has a full tummy?
New flea meds?
Is she 'going' normally?
Do you have faith in your vet, or would you consider taking her elsewhere for a second opinion?
Honestly, if it were my kitten, I would be concerned.
Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!!
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How about house plant chewing??
I'm thinking of plants like diffenbachia, pothos etc.

Can I assume that her teeth and mouth have been checked out thoroughly?
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Some cats stick their tongue out when they feel nauseous. Zissou had a tummy flu sort of thing and she sat crouched and huddled like we do when our stomach hurts really badly.
The drooling is a sign of many many things, among them poisoning (plants, phenol, etc) and renal failure.
The recurrence is a big curiosity. You should keep a log of when she gets sick so you can figure out whats going on and whether it coincides with something youre doing.

Good luck with the vets and the tests! Hope your kitty feels better!
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Went to a new Vet yesterday when trouble's symptoms returned (drooling, tongue hanging out, etc.) He drew blood and the results came back today. they were inconclusive so .....Ultra Sound is next. She may have Portosystemic Shunts. My next question is has any one every have a kitty with this and how much was the cost of the surgery. I have researched this on other site but can't seem to find a cost. Thanks everyone for your input!
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I've never had a cat with these symptoms, but as others have mentioned, do you have houseplants around? Some cats love to eat plants, and some of the most common houseplants are toxic to cats. And of course, you wouldn't record that in her food diary because she'd be eating it "on the sly."
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I found this - although it's a dog site - it has a lot of information.
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My kitty Blue did this a few years ago. The vet didn't know what happened. I finally figured out that he had been chewing on my aloe vera plant. It lasted for a few days and then was gone forever. I would check any house plants for bite marks. Good luck and I hope your kitty gets better.
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Something else to consider is that the drooling and tongue hanging out is sometimes seen after a seizure. It doesn't have to be a grand mal seizure, it can be a small seizure and often it takes the cat or kitten a day to a day and a half to recover.

Good luck with this and do let us know how the kitten gets on.
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We had the Ultra Sound done today and it diffently showed that my little one has a portasystemic shunt (that is the blood from the tummy goes to the liver for clean-up and then back into her system, the shunt by-passes the liver, so her blood does not get cleaned of toxins.) We have been refered to a bigger animal hospital who are capable of performing the surgery needed, we have an appointment on Feburary 22 for a consultation and the surgeon's opinion on her prognosis. So keep your fingers crossed that the surgery will work (huge cost around $2,000) and she will be a regular kitty again. Gosh I hope is so terrible to see her suffer like she does. Again I would like to say thanks to all of you who took the time to write.
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Oh gee I hope she will be ok, It's wonderful that you care enough to see to it that she gets what she needs, please keep us updated
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Good luck with the surgery. That kitten is lucky to have found you. Keep us posted!
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Oh man.. good luck to her!
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I know you'll be on pins and needles until the appointment on the 22nd. Hope this specialist has good news for you after the exam. Will be thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Hang in there, little kittty, and be ready to get well.
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