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Peeing and Pooping Cat

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I recently adopted a cat from friends who owned her for 18 years. She's exceptionally lively and seems to be in very good physical shape...at least from the outside. Ever since I've had her (since Oct. 2005) she's been acting pretty strangely. For one, she is more vocal than she's ever been...she meows at the top of her lungs at times and then just continues to meow at me for seemingly no reason. She is relentless in this behavior. This was something I started getting used to and actually began thinking it was funny and started meowing back at her and we'd have contests to see who would get tired of the game first.
Anyway, now I'm not laughing so much because her new game seems to be one where she pees on my beds and the carpets in the bathroom. At first I thought she might have a UTI but just today I discovered poop in the on the bathroom rug. I think she was mad because I shut her out of the bedrooms where she peed, so she decided to poop in the bathroom to let me know she was mad.
I've tried all the things I've read on this website about getting rid of the scents so cats don't go back to the same spots but so far, it hasn't worked well for me. Now that she pooped on the rug in the bathroom, I doubt she has a UTI because having a UTI wouldn't cause her to lose control of her bowels...only her urine.
One other thing I've noticed about her is her breath smells REALLY bad. I know the people who owned her before never took her to get her teeth cleaned, let alone to the vet for check-ups like they should have. I just wonder, at her age, if spending all kinds of money at the vet is worth it....especially when I don't have enough money to survive very well myself.
I do love her and care about her a lot. I wish they had a free clinic for animals. Wouldn't that be nice?
Thanks for reading
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Welcome to TheCatSite!

All of the behaviors you mentioned (yowling, pee and poop problems, bad breath) are signs of serious illness. My fear is that your cat is in kidney failure or that she has some other critical illness.

Please take your sweet girl to the vet immediately and do not punish her for pottying outside the litter box. She is not doing this because she is angry -- she is doing this because she is very sick.

Please let us know what the vet finds. We are here for you.
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Yep I agree, your old girl sounds ill. Please don't get mad and her and don't think she isn't sick. Find out for yourself by booking a vet appointment and ask for a big senior panel to be run on her
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I agree - she's not well. My parents cat was 18 years old when the same sort of things started happening. They brought her to the vet and she had some medical issues which were causing it. She had also developed a bit of dimentia associated with her age that the vet said was probably causing the howling. They put her on some medications and they seemed to help both her medical problems and the howling.
You're little darling is getting up there in age and similar to an elderly person, she will have more medical problems than the younger ones and will most likely need more medical attention than she did in the past.
I would make an appointment for her as soon as possible.
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is she declawed? oh ya and I agree with the others it could be the old age 18 is pretty old
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18 is a very long life for most cats. At her age I would expect her health to be declining. I agree with everyone else that has posted. This is more then likely a sign of illness. She needs to be seen by a vet ASAP. Before you start worrying about spending all kinds of money. At least pay to have a complete check up and see what you are dealing with.
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Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for your responses. I've been thinking the same things you have and now with your opinions, I will make her an appointment. I think I will even be able to get some financial help from one of her previous owners. I talked to him about it tonight and he said he'd be happy to help

She is not declawed...why did you ask, Princegirl?

If it is her kidneys or some other serious health problem, what kind of procedures will she be looking at going through at the vet?

I agree with Lisasha3...I do think she's experiencing a bit of dementia as well as probably being disoriented at times because of the move and uprooting from what was once her home for so many years to living somewhere she's not used to.

Do you think it's possible she remembers her former owner and misses him too?

Thanks again everyone for all your input...it's greatly appreciated!
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I am so excited to hear that someone else has an old lady too! Kitty just recently turned 21 and has had some of the same problems. Usually we can tell when something is wrong when she starts meowing loudly like you mentioned. It seems to be her way of getting our attention.
When you take her in they will probably do a complete physical and will probably want to do bloodwork to check her kidneys and liver enzymes. They will probably want to do a urinalysis and may even ask you to bring in a stool sample to check to see if maybe she has something wrong there causing the behavior problems. I used to feel bad taking her in to get poked and prodded so much but she has unleashed terror on the vet a few times too haha... and she is a much happier kitty for all of the trouble.
I hope everything goes well for your girl!
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