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My Cat and Dog

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Here's a clip of my Cat (Mittens) and Dog (Alex) playing together. Let me know what you think. I thought it looked kinda rough how they play but the vet said they'll set their own boundries. http://www.clipshack.com/ClipList.aspx
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What I think is that it brought me to your login screen. I'd like to see the picture, but I can't. Could you please try posting it here?
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Mittens, I wasn't able to see a picture. As long as you keep a close eye and supervise them together. The should find their own boundaries.

My cats and dogs wrestle as well. Chase each other from one end of the house to the other. If the cats have had enough or the dogs won't leave them alone then they just go to higher ground or they give a pop to the nose of the dogs to back off.

Just remember to supervise them.
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sorry I didnt have the right link, this one should work hopefully. Scroll down to where it says MittAlex and it should bring up both videos.
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They will eventually set their own boundaries.
Since he's so tiny though, I think their playtime should be supervised, but it looks like the yip was enough to make Mittens back off a bit.
Cute puppy, what kind is he?
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And here I was worried about the cat!!! You do need to supervise but it should be the other way around. Protect the puppy.

They will find there own way and work it out between them but I think your cat is always going to be the bully. The dog doesn't have a safe place to go if the cat gets too rough so just watch for awhile to make sure the kitty doesn't hurt him.

Cute cat by the way!!!
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