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Forget Brendan Fraser, king of the "B" movies

For that matter, Kevin Sorbo and Keith Hamilton Cobb
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I think he's sexy with or without long hair. Thought he was sexy in The Mummy and the mummy returns!

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Any sports fans here? Peter Forsberg from the Colorado Avalanche is just hot hot hot! And he has those piercing light blue eyes....

Oh, I agree on Brendan Frasier too!

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Ok...gonna interject here with my differing opinion- I think Brendan Frasier is kinda yicky...he looks perpetually confused to me :tounge2:
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Heidi...I just noticed I'd been misspelling Aerosmith, and I feel so silly...they are one of my favorite bands, and I actually do know how to spell it, guess I was just in a hurry!

Anyway, I agree with you that Steven Tyler was better looking in his younger days, but there is still something really sexy about him in my opinion.

Melissa, I don't care for Brendan Fraiser either...he does look confused all the time!! :LOL:
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I think Brendan Frazier is cute, but you're right, he looks dumb as a bag of hammers. He was looking pretty fine in George of the Jungle. Gotta love a man in a loincloth. Does anyone remember when Ted Nugent used to swing out onstage in one? valanhb, no flaming from me. I think Tommy Lee is hotter than a 2 dollar pistol. What was Pamela thinking? Him for Kid Rock?! YUCK!!!
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"dumb as a bag of hammers" lol
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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here's one of my faves: sascha k. of kmfdm

i'm also partial to vin diesel (sp?) of "the fast and the furious", brenden frasier, and johnny depp.
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Ok..this is usually not my style at all, but after watching American Pie 2 , I think Jason Biggs is a little hottie, as well as Seann William Scott (Jason on the far left, Seann on the far right) I don't usually go for those 'pretty' types :LOL:
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Ever since I started listening to U2 in the 80s, I have been in love with Bono, the lead singer. I don't know why, he's not your typical good looking guy, but there is definitely something about him. Seeing the band live, I realized again how amazing he is. He has such presence. Call me crazy, but I can't help it.:tounge2:
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I agree with Harrison Ford, Nick Cage, Brendan Frasier in The Mummy.
Also Antonio Banderas, David Boreanaz (from the TV show Angel), and Sting (the singer)

The drummer from U2, Larry Mullen, is pretty hot, too.
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I also think Jon Bon Jovi is a hottie! Especially since he isn't a "young pup" anymore....he has aged very, VERY well, I think!!!
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And Jon Bon Jovi is a very good actor. Did you ever see Moonlight and Valentino (I think that's the right title) where he plays the housepainter. There is a hilarious scene because the owner of the house and her friends think he doesn't speak English.
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Are we done looking at good looking men yet? I am not. This is Chayenne. He is from Puerto Rico and sings popular spanish music.
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Here is another one of him.
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And this is Cristian Castro. He is from Mexico and sings romantic music. His mother is a famous actress and singer, too.
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And this is a boxer named Oscar de la Hoya.
He is a Mexican-American who was raised in Los Angeles.

He is the taller guy holding the belt. Not the black man.
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Hey Nena 10, I love those Hispanic guys, too. Oscar de la Hoya is definitely nice to look at. And Antonio Banderas, Andy Garcia, Benjamin Bratt. . .
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Mmmmmm...Antonio Banderas......

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Is it too late to contribute?

I just saw "Blade" this weekend, and Wesley Snipes is to die for!
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Nope!! its not too late!! Get a pic of that guy up!! (LOVE the first BLADE... the second one is.... "eh" )
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