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Mark McGrath used to be sexy, but I think he kinda lost his appeal when he started going sissy with his music.
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I know he's older, but man, doesn't he age well??!!
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Face it there are a lot of sexy men in hollywood and everywhere else. Sam Elliot always comes to mind I love that gray hair and gravely voice!
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I think Sean Connery is very handsome and I LOVE his voice
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Yes to both Mel and Sean, though I think they are a little old for me. Add to that Harrison Ford (I had the biggest crush on him jr. high after the original Star Wars movie) and Richard Gere, who I think is better looking now than he was 10 years ago.
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Posted by Bodlover:

Ooooo I just can't resist!!! I HAVE to post a pic of the gorgeous.... the sexiest..... HEATH LEDGER!!!!! *round of applause please*.... here he comes....

Rhea!!! You took one of mine!!! :LOL: I lOVE Heath!!! Though he's a bit young for me...haha

I am no good at posting pics either, but you all know what BRAD PITT looks like, I'm sure!!!

And I'm sure noone else will agree with these two, but I find Steven Tyler from Arrowsmith and Nicolas Cage absolutely yummy!!!

I have funny taste, I know!!!

Have to mention Keanu Reeves here as well!
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Your taste is not funny!

I'll take Nick or Keanu!

Gosh, what a tramp I must be! Or it was too many years with the wrong guy! Lots and lots of goodlooking men out there . . .
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Nicholas Cage, while I find him not to be super-attractive has a certain 'je ne sais quoi' Hes got Charisma I guess

Oh, yes...Keanu Hes got a very exotic look, I think
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Maybe it just me...

But I haven't been able to find my pic on here anywhere......

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Nick does have a certain something about him, he's not usually the type I am attracted to, but I am attracted, what can I say!!! :LOL:
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I'm not going to try for the pic-post, but I have to say Matthew McConaghey... mmmm...

Especially in that Southern laywer movie he was in, and he was always either hot and a little bit sweaty, or just coming out of a shower?

That accent... gets me every time. One day I was watching him on a talk show, and he was explaining how to BBQ a chicken by standing it up on a beer can. In reference to where the beer can was inserted, he called the recipe "butt chicken". I get goosebumps just thinking of him saying those two words. It's crazy how such unappealing images can be transformed by a soft drawl and a pretty face.
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Can ya smmmelllllllllll....what the Rock is cookin'

Hes pretty hot looking in the Scorpion King previews..But normally those big bulgy muscle types don't do it for me. Call me crazy...

You're right Ken...your pic isn't here- a travesty I tell ya!
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This is who I like ! LOL

But Dexter from Offspring has such killer hair!

Matt Damon
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susieq....thank you for posting the rock! i have had a major crush on him for 2 years. he makes me think very bad things. shame on me.
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Melissa, I know what you mean, the huge bulging muscle thing doesn't do it for me either...... but a little toned muscle is always good... :LOL:

Oooo have to agree with the whole MEL GIBSON, RICHARD GERE and HARRISON FORD thing though.... Mmmm Mmmm Drool!!!!
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Angelz00, Dexter is pretty yummy but he's aged really harshly. Must be the rock star life style.
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Darn!! You know, I come by this thread every day to just drool over some of the pics.... , soooo I thought, hec, I'll post another.... this ladies is Mr Jared Leto.... PHWAAAR!!! :LOL:
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OOOooo!! Jared Leto!!! Almost forgot about him!! He has the most amazing eyes...I kinda like the longish hair thing he has going on in that pic..not quite my bald, pireced dream man but he'll do nicely :laughing: :tounge2:
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Hec - I'd take him long hair or not!! :LOL: Personally I love the long hair thing..... something to run your fingers through..
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OK, I may get flamed for this one, but Tommy Lee of Motley Crue/Methods of Mayhem has always done it for me!

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You got me into this. I will be posting Hispanic men and see what you think of them. And Ken, don't worry. I will post Hispanic women too. Hope Sandie dosen't get jealous! J/K

This is Fernando Colunga. He is a Mexican actor who stars in several spanish soap operas.
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I have to say, Girls we have some good taste in men!!! I haven't seen one guy here who couldn't warm my sheets!
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Well put Valanhb!! I couldn't agree more!
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Speaking of guys who aren't whitebread American

There is a Canadian actor named Von Flores, who is Filipino. He seems to play a lot of bad boy parts and I don't go for that type in real life, but . . . Unfortunately the only picture I could find, he is in makeup to have radiation burns, so it's hard to tell.

Also, Lenny Henry, Will Smith, and Tony from Disney's "Out of the Box"
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I noticed nobody but me thinks Steven Tyler from Arrowsmith is hot!! But I still do!!

Rhea sent me a nice e-mail with a half dozen pics of my fav Brad Pitt!! Thanks Rhea!!!
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To me, Steven Tyler was hot when he was a bit younger. I personally don't think he's aging that well. Joe Perry on the other hand was kinda ugly when he was younger but just keeps getting better with age! Now he's hot but before he wasn't.

Just my 2 cents on Aerosmith...
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anybody else like brendan fraser? i loved him in george of the jungle. he's no rock...but he's cute. my second choice.

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Mmmmmm.... He looks so much better with long hair. I don't like his short hair cut that he sports now.

That sounds a bit weird comming from me since I normally can't stand men with long hair.
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same here. that long hair just does something for him.
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