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calling all ladies...

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Ok girls, since we got off track in one of the nostalgia threads, I thought I'd start this one.

Since we all have different taste, lets each name a guy we think is hot and include a pic. I'm curious too see how different everyones choice is.

Heres mine- David Draiman from the band Disturbed
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Ricky Martin
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Ron Welty-He's the guy with the goatee.
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Mel is going to see if she can find pics and post for me.

I absolutely melt for Rob Thomas the lead singer of Matchbox 20 and Johnny Resnick, lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls.
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Nobody can say no to this guy! Just Kidding!

Emilio Estevez
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Posting this for Colby...(hes the bottom guy, btw)
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from the Goo Goo Dolls...
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I can't answer this one.... *sniff*

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Wellll...you could....but then theres your reputation to worry about... :laughing2:
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Okay let me see?
Patrick Swayze
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I really appreciate you posting those for me!!

Love those guys.......
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No problem Colby I'm gonna post this one for Heidi ( and me too ) Although I'm sure she'll post one of him too....
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Hmm...my kitty Gui is pretty hot as he strikes a pose - ha ha ha. I'm ok, really . This would've been funnier if I could've posted the pic...but I don't think I'm able to do that.
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suzieq, good choice. He kinda reminds me of Adrian Paul from The Highlander seris. I have no pics, but he would be my choice. Complete with kilt, of course. Hissy, I bet only us old broads even know who Bobby Sherman is! Do you remember the series he was in, "Here come the Brides"?
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This is my dream man!!!!!!!!Hugh Jackman.
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By the way Krazy Kat2, I love your signature!!! I agree 100%!
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Ooooo I just can't resist!!! I HAVE to post a pic of the gorgeous.... the sexiest..... HEATH LEDGER!!!!! *round of applause please*.... here he comes....
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Wow, this pic turned out really big! I guess since I'm including 2 it's ok...

These are my two hotties after seeing Lord of the Rings - Orlando Bloom (blonde) and Viggo Mortenson. Orlando actually has a mohawk, but I like him better with the long hair. (Alicia I'm with you - I love guys with long hair!)

Of course, everyone knows that Melissa and I both have a big thing for Trent Reznor. I'll just let her pic of him go for me too, otherwise it would turn into the all Trent thread!

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i've sat here for hours trying to insert an image. how do i? i'm trying to insert the url. my hubby did my kitty. i need to learn how to do this. someone please help me.

anyway mine is THE ROCK. :lips:
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7CC - you click on the IMG button at the top and insert the url there. Then by magic it appears on the thread!
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thats what i've been doing. i don't get it. i'm mad at my computer right now. just type in the url as i see it? when i click on properties of the pic? it tells me the url. i try to type it in the img box. i need to learn to do this. i don't want to rely on hubby everytime i need something done. and hes not thrilled about my liking the rock. he! he! he! i think its funny.
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I just love Christian Bale. Such a talented actor and so good looking he takes my breath away.
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Ok here we go- hands down one of the most charasmatic men in hollywood. Pierce Brosnan

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Okay, I'm not even gonna bother with trying to post piccys, I've never yet been able to do it.

I'm a sucker for blue eyes and dark hair, myself.

Can't think of his name, Aidan Quinn?

Emilio Estevez and Rob Lowe, still (Rob's blue eyed w/dark hair), Pierce Brosnan was a huge fave of mine back in college when he was on Remington Steele, good photo of him Hissy, and I might get into Heath Ledger given a chance, though he's not quite dark enough. Sting, still.

Ooo, yeah, men in kilts, that's a whole 'nother thought . . .
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Okay, he's a little bit old for me, but I love his music and he still has great looks! And great sons too!

Julio Iglesias
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And these are Julio's sons.

Julio Jr.
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And Enrique
Iglesias. He is the one that sings Bailamos and Hero.
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The Sexiest man alive....Mark McGrath, from Sugar Ray...ohhh baby. And I LOVE the Tatoos
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BTW, how do you (Melissa, Hissy, and others) are able to post big pictures? I tried using the attach file but they are too big.
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