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Finally my paper on kitties...

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I am getting my paper posted! If you remember, I asked if cats could be a hobby a week or two ago. I wrote the paper & handed it in. I got 50 out of 50 because the prof. gave us points just for handing it in. She didn't care how bad it was. She did tell me mine was well organized, so here it is! Too bad she isn't much of a fan of cats.

\tThe soft patter of feet, someone licks your hands, and then…they attack! What might this creature be, you ask? Why, it’s a little kitten! Cats are wonderful companions that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
\tThere are many varieties of cats. They come in purebreds, like a Birman, a Siamese, and a Rex. They also come in mixed breeds, like a Tabby and a Tortoiseshell. Some cats are registered with cat organizations, and some cats are not. They come in many different colors, like black, white, grey or blue, and orange. They can have blue eyes, green eyes, or orange eyes. Some cats even have two different colored eyes! They can come in a variety of patterns like stripes, spotted, or swirled. Some cats are big, and some cats are small. Some cats have long hair, and some cats have short hair. Every cat is unique it its own beautiful way.
\tLiving with a cat can be quite difficult at times. They require attention, love, and care. You must scoop litter boxes, remember to feed your cat, play with your cat, take your cat for regular vet visits, and provide your cat with a loving environment. Cats can live 20 or more years. It is a big commitment to have a cat as a pet, but can also be very rewarding.
Cats are wonderful companions. They help you type papers, and they sit on books as you try to read. Anything you set within a cat’s reach is considered a play toy, including toes. Even if it is not within their reach, they will find a way to get to it. They nap in the sunshine, and they chase bugs.
\tA cat is a lifetime commitment that requires time, money, and most of all love. They ask very little of their owners compared to what they give their owner in return. There are so many different types of cats that I cannot imagine what life would be like without them.

What do you think of it? Be honest! I did have to laugh that this was a college paper. I have written harder papers in High School!
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Not being mean but I agree with you that this is a college paper? Was this just the beginning of the class. It was good though. Just be careful when you do college papers. They are looking for sentence structure and all of the technical aspects. It is really easy to mess some of that stuff up. I used simple sentences in all of my papers and did well. My professors were sticklers for grammar and structure and that made it easier for me. Good luck with your classes.
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Personally, I would transfer out of a class with a professor who is only interested in grading me for turning in an assignment and not grading on the content of the assignment. This paper does not sound like college-level work. But then, it depends on what the assignment was.
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That's really great I like it! Surprising that it's a college paper though, you're right. But still very good!
And you get an A just for handing it in though?

And I forgot - this is for an online course, right? I think that would explain it right?
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Maybe I should have explained that more. This is the first paper. My prof. gave us the points for handing it in. The reason for writing it was so she could point out & give us tips on how to correct any big mistakes we were making. That way, we sort of know what she expects of us. Trust me, the second paper is much harder. I am trying to write it right now & I'm not getting too far.

Yes, this is for an online class.
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Oh it's the first paper? That makes a lot more sense. It's a good start though, a good warm-up I guess heh. Yours is very well-written.

Good luck with the second one now!
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Sounds like he just want to see where you skills lay and how to improve on them. Good luck with your classes-
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What sort of class is the paper for?
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Good luck in the class! I thinkit's good for a first paper. The content is cool!
Of course, we all love cats, so we would all like it!
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It's obvious...the professor loves cats!
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