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Update Grey

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Well, after a long long 10 days, Grey reappeared and I
actally saw and got near to him ...

In the pouring rain at 2 pm he was about to
try my yard for food. I immediately ran out WITH
food, and a box to put it under, and put it out...

He was sheltering in an old waterproof
dog house I had put out last year.

I immediately put another shelter out there,
made of square green trash can with
warm cat thermal pads inside and the lid
taped down to form a "roof" against water dripping/blowing
into the can...

I am going to do some mods to it, it was a pretty
fast jobbie - just to give him shelter options...

I know he MAY be coming into the yard to eat.
So I am leaving food there, - so far I have 4
cats eating, and I don't know when he gets in.

It seems the anti bios food MAY have worked.

My friend an I are now thinking of trapping him closer
to her place (where he was sheltering) and then
having me keep and tame... or release after
he's fully recovered. That way he isn't making
babies anymore, has his wounds checked and is
in good health...

Meantime, the shelters in my yard that he is NOT
using, will go to the Carradoc Hall feral/strays.
So, naught will be wasted! I have 2 ferral shelters -
and 9 cats in the colony-

3 can fit each shelter, plus I have a small
dog house which can house up to 4...
so plenty of good and safe
shelters for kitties!

Give me lots of good vibes for catching
Grey (he is wicked trap shy and I
was toying with getting him into my
house, and netting... if I ever get him
back into my yard that is. I truely wish
the other irresponsible cat owners would
just keep their cats INSIDE GRRRR>>>>>>
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Good luck and good vibes in trapping Grey.
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come on Grey - lets get you trapped buddy
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I'm so excited. This am, Grey was IN THE YARD!
Waiting for food at 9:20 am!! Yayyyy!! Poor guy
must have been hungry cause he meowed loudly
at me to feed him.

I brought out dry and wet food and water for him.
He ate some and I think he then left. But he
knew to ask!!

I had left food and hot water
out at midnight. The food
was gone, the water frozen solid by the am.

I don't know who ate it - the possum
or other cats, or him. I was hoping he'd have made
it over to eat during the pm hours...after midnight
hopefully before it froze up.

But I am reassured he is okay. He looked pretty good,
if thinner than before the breeding madness with the
warm Jan. set in...

So now to trap the sucker!!! Down by someone else's
gutter (so I can hold at home and tame him when
I finally DO catch him...)
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great news!!

come on buddy - lets get you trapped!!
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