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Small Success!!

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I've had JoJo for just about 3 years now. She was extremely shy and skittish, even with me, for months. She'd been surrendered at 6 months to the Humane Society, and wasn't picked for 5 months. Slowly, she's warmed up to me, within the first year, she started curling up in my lap, but never let me pick her up. Even a few months ago, she hated being held while I walked around.

Today... a breakthrough. I was at this same computer (I have three... don't ask) with her sitting on the back of the couch behind me (my desk is behind my couch, facing the wall). She kept meowing at me, begging for pettins. I got up to go do something, and she just sat there. I wrapped my arms around her, which I've done before without picking her up, and felt this heavy purring. She was getting attention. I figured I might as well try picking her up. Lo and behold, she didn't jump down right away. i walked about 20 feet, around the corner and into the bedroom. I let her down on the bed. This is the longest she's ever... EVER... let me carry her.

Now she's in psycho mode laying on a bunch of stuff on the dining table. I really need a cat tree.

I'm so happy... she let me carry her!! It's the little things that make me happy.

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oh that's wonderful! congratulations! I can't imagine why she wasn't picked quickly at the shelter...she's gorgeous!!
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She hid from a lot of people... I guess maybe she saw something in me... She still hides from strangers, but if she can come to be carried for more than two seconds after all this time, I think she'll someday warm up to strangers.

I've mentioned her story here before... she clearly adopted me. I just paid the 45 bucks for the priveledge to bring her home. She was sitting, all scrawny (she didn't look 11 months old... much younger), on a perch about my shoulder height in the cat room. I started scritching her head, and my cell phone rang. I normally wouldn't have answered, but it was my friend who is notoriously difficult to get on the phone. I got distracted by the call and stopped petting this little orange furball, and turn my back without realizing it. There I am chatting away and I feel this paw on my shoulder. I turn my head to look and I see this small orange and cream face staring at me with the desperate look of "please don't leave me."

I told my friend on the phone, "I think I've just been adopted."

I took her home that day. Since then, it's been a long slow process, but she's such a loving and wonderful cat. It's all worth it for her. There you have her adoption story. She's come a very long way.

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that's a wonderful story! I'm so glad you listened when she called to you!
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Awww...that's so sweet! I like hearing progress stories like this! Gives everyone that warm fuzzy feeling inside
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Awww, that's great! I love her adoption story. I really believe that certain cats choose us.

Your relationship with JoJo just goes to show how important it is to be patient with our kitties and let things happen at their pace. She sounds like such a sweet girl.
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Congratulations on the breakthrough, Amanda! How special JoJo is and what wonderful encouragement this latest victory gives to those who are so patiently earning the affections & trust of other skittish cats. Great job!
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Aw, that is too sweet! I tried to teach Sugartoes to enjoy being picked up...I used to pick her up and carry her to a window so she could look out.

Congrats on JoJo's progress!
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