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Cat making "wheezing" noises

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Well, it's not exactly wheezing. Our 12 year old diabetic guy has been having this sort of "snuffly" sound in his nose and/ or throat. He's going to the vet later in the week but has anyone experienced this? It's not quite a cough and not a sneeze but he will make a sound that is raspy-er than a hairball. And then when you listen to him breathe it sounds like he has a bunch of mucus or something in his nose/ throat. To equate it to a human thing, when he's eating, it sounds like a person would if they had a completely stuffed up nose and had to breathe thru their mouths. So, it's a few different sounds. I think I've detected it before but it comes and goes. Last night it was something you couldnt' miss. He's an indoor cat. Thanks!
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From the sounds of it as well as his age, I would take him in sooner than later-

Good luck!
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Yes, sooner than later. Better to catch whatever it is at the beginning than to let it fester. It sounds like a cold or URI---- but get em' to the vet asap so it won't be soo severe. Good Luck

Welcome to TCS btw
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