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Feb 15 Neutred.. scared a little

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Not to sure what to expect. Kal-el Is going in on the 15th for his neutre and declawing.. i know i have to bring him in at 8 in the morning.. but he has to stay over night, a little worried.. and i know im not suposed to feed him after 8 the night before but what about watter? I Wory about my baby...can anyone tell me some of there stories just to reasure me he will be ok!

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I had to take Rosie and Sophies water away at 7.a.m on the morning of the op, but your vet will be able to tell you more.

He'll be fine because a neuter is a lot easier than a spay.

Do you have to have him declawed?!
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I agree... Do you have to have him DECLAWED!

He will be fine from the neuter. Down for that day maybe the next but after that he should eb back to normal. Your vet can answer all of your questions and will be able to tell you how he will react.
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Please do some research and reconsider declawing your little guy. ( It is a serious and painful surgery and there are ways to work with the cat so that you can avoid this.

They usually bounce back from neutering quickly.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I had to take Rosie and Sophies water away at 7.a.m on the morning of the op, but your vet will be able to tell you more.

He'll be fine because a neuter is a lot easier than a spay.

Do you have to have him declawed?!

Unfortunately i do my parents just got new furniture and they are mad that he keeps climbing the table and chairs they realy want him to get declawed.. i unfortunately have no say over this isue! thats another reason why im scared it must hurt him.. im trying to get the lazer surgery to reduce the pain.
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What about soft paws that a lot of the members here use?!.
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Yes! I SWEAR by soft paws. You have to try them BEFORE you declaw her. I wanted to declaw my baby before i knew the hazards and was told about soft paws/claws here. i bought them at petsmart for like 20 bucks and they realy work. she doesnt even need them anymore. she only scratches where she is allowed. Please try them!!
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I also beg you to reconsider. We clip our kitties claws about every 10 days to 2 weeks and they do no harm to any of our furniture.

Please educate your parents on what de-clawing entails, i.e., cutting off their paws at the first knuckle. De-clawing can also cause litter-box issues down the road.
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Whenever a cat is gonna have surgery you need to have an empty stomach - not having water after a certain time will not hurt your cat.

I do understand the declawing part. I went thru that with my parents and my first cat - Mitten clawed up a wood railing inside the house - so my parents said - either declaw or get rid of - I had no real choice. I cried when Mitten came home with bandaged feet and didn't want to use the litter pan.

He recovered and was not adversly affected (one of the few!) but after that I educated myself on declawing and found how horrible it really is.

I would get articles on what declawing really is and sit down with your parents and discuss it. Its not just removing the claw like a fingernail - its amputation - the joint - like in taking off your finger at the joint. Maybe your parents don't realize that!

And its better to keep the nails trimmed or use the SoftPaws. Also let your parents know that many times a declawed cat will stop using the litter pan, or go another place or even bite a lot more in defense of losing his claws.

I don't think your parents understand the physical or psychological effects of declawing a cat.

I hope you can convience them NOT to do that to your kitty.
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The neuter surgery is a pretty quick one. When I had Bakker neutered a yr ago I don't think he realized what had happened. He came home and wasn't affected at all. I also agree with the others on not declawing your cat. The vet should show you how to clip the claws. Have a few scratching posts-use catnip as an attractant. It is so much better. I had my first ever cat declawed (I didn't know better) and when she was older she stopped using her litter box and was peeing in the living in a corner. I remember bringing her home -she just stared at me like what did I do to deserve this.
I felt awful.....
Please have your parents read this post.
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The neuter is nothing to worry about - they just cut the skin, without cutting through any muscles or anything. He'll be minimally sore and will feel like playing and being his normal self as soon as he is awake from the anesthesia.

Declawing is a totally different story. It is a horrific procedure - as others here have said, it is amputating all of his toes at the first knuckle! It's every bit as painful as you might imagine, and studies have shown that laser declaws do not decrease the pain during recovery.

Here is some information for you to show your parents:

Lots of people think declawing is a manicure or sort of a "permanent nail trim". Sadly, nothing could be farther from the truth. Your cat needs his toes just as badly as you or I need ours!
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Please reconsider declawing him!
Here in Norway the vets don't declaw cats, please try soft paws or a spray called Get Off! Spray it on furniture etc. and the cat won't go near it.
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NOW im really scared my parents are the same way with you have him declawed or you dont have him at all. I tried to talk to my father but he still thinks that its not as bad as everyone says, i will try to convince my mother.. and then maybe she can work on my dad, i will print out all the information you have all given me and hope for the best. I feel so bad..i hope they think other wise. thank you all for your help!
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