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Games Shows

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Anybody have any past or present game shows they like?

I like Family Feud, The Prices Right, and Wheel of Fortune. I get Game Show Network at my house and I get shows like Password, The Match Game, Greed, Press Your Luck, three versions of the family fued, 50,000 Pyramid, and other cool shows. I would love to be on Family Feud!

I also watch one on a channel called Pax Tv. Its called Supermarket Sweep. I love that show! I watch it when I get a chance. But the contestants do it all wrong when they do the sweep! If I were a contestant and doing the sweep, I'd get all the things that David asks us to get, then the bonus, coffee, and candy. then get the rest of the stuff! I wish I can get on that show!
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OMG!!!! Super Market Sweep is awesome!!!!!!!!!! I used to watch it all the time! I would have to say that my favorite game shows are Wheel of Fortune and Price is Right.
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I like Jeopardy and Rock N Roll Jeopardy the best. I used to do really well playing along, but not so much any more. I still do good at Rock N Roll Jeopardy, though.
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absolutely love game shows! i like about all the ones you named!
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I like Rock & Roll Jeopardy too!
Isn't the guy that hosts that the same guy from Survivor, Jeff something, or am I confused (again)?

I like watching Regis & "You could be a Millionaire"

Oh and The weakest Link is pretty fun...especially when they have celebrity guests!

I used to enjoy the Newlywed game years ago.

Sometimes I watch Dismissed..it's okay once in awhile.

Oh, and if Fear Factor counts as a game show...count me in...it's my favorite
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I love game shows. I also have Game Show Network. I love Match Game, it makes me laugh.
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The weakest Link
Chamber-A new one on Fox
Family Fued...love it!
Wheel of fortune
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On Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune, I can play along and guess before the contestants.

Jeopardy are for the smart nerds! :goodbad: :laughing: :laughing2

I wish I was a nerd! I could go to Harvard or Yale! Be a doctor!
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Hey! I like Jeopardy!! :laughing:

Hey Debby, I think Rock N Roll Jeopardy IS hosted by Jeff Probst, I've never seen it though so I can't be sure.. if so, thats reason enough to watch it
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Rock and Roll Jeopardy is the best! I also like Win Ben Stein's Money, The Weakest Link, and Let's Bowl.
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