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I got an interview!

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Since my current job is moving to Bangalore, I would be out of job soon in Apr.

At present,my whole team is scurrying to find jobs within the company and just settle for anything that comes along the way..

The market is not picking up as much as we want it to be so everybody is just grabbing whatever is available.

However, I think this is a time which is good for me to find something that is different from whatever I have been doing all these while (i've been doing analyst work for the past three years)

It's tough to get something totally different in terms of job scope so I'm actually very happy to get an interview with a shipbroker company as a trainee shipbroker!!!

It's the one and only chance that I'll get to go into a different job, so I really really wanna excel in the interview.

Please do send me positive vibes to excel in the interview!! I'll let you guys know how the interview went!

Thanks lots!
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Ooo congratulations!! I've got my fingers crossed for you!
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Oooh, that's excellent news, Kate!

Sending tonnes of Wow them at Interview }}}VIBES{{{

I'm sure you'll do fantastically!
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Congratulations. Be prepared and have some research done on this new company.
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managed to get myself a suit... When I looked at myself in the mirror, i was like wow!! It didn't looked like me at all!!
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Good job!! Good luck with the interview!
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Congratulations on the interview! Good Luck!
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Sending lots of good luck vibes Kate! But you can do it!
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Many vibes across the ocean to you, Kate! Good Luck!
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Congratulations Good Luck

I will keep my fingers crossed for you
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thanks guys! You are the best!!

I'm getting a bit jittery now.. but shall calm myself down once it's closer to the time... oh boy!!

shall update after the interview!!Hope it goes well!
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Good luck!!
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Good luck, Kate! That sounds like it would be an interesting job, too.
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thanks for all the vibes!! Things went well during the interview, although it was a bit draining

The interviewer bombarded me with lots of scenarios and tested on my EQ, oh boy, I was so tired after the interview!

I hope to hear from them soon!

Thanks again for the vibes!!
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I sure hope you hear from them soon!
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At least you have made it through the worst part . I hope they call again!
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I hope you get the call back. That is awesome!!
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