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Robert Urich

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Is anyone a Robert Urich fan? I never watched any of his movies except the latest ones. I was going to watch the last one he did which was the Night of The Wolf on Animal Planet but couldn't due to the power outage. He died on Monday night due to complications of cancer. We keep losing all the great people this year. So many people are going.
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I have always enjoyed Robert Urich's work. I saw him most often on Spencer for Hire and made for t.v. movies. He seemed to have recovered so well, so I was quite shocked and saddened to hear the news. I don't believe I have ever seen him do any programs that would not have been suitable for the family to watch.
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I really liked him!! I just watched a movie with him and Markie Post on TV a week or so ago, and was remarking about how he was so handsome back then(in the 80's) and still handsome today. Now it is so sad he is gone.
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