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The bedtime shuffle

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Today, I started my move. My sofa and loveseat are now at the new place and the only pieces of furniture in the living room are tables, the entertainment center and Bill's LaZBoy chair.

Opie and Rowdy customarily sleep on the back of the sofa and Buddy takes the loveseat. Asserting his authority, as the oldest kitty, Opie merely took over the chair, leaving Rowdy and Buddy to find their own spots.

My TV is out of (Bill's) entertainment center and I tossed an old blanket in there, preparatory to use it for furniture padding, for next weekend's move. Rowdy has decided that is a perfect place for HER to sleep.

This has left Buddy without a comfy piece of furniture, to call his own. He and Opie don't always get along so sharing the chair is out of the question. Rowdy has taken up the WHOLE blanket. Poor Buddy is sprawled in the middle of the floor, just waiting to be stepped on.

Once I'm moved, the cats will have access to my bed but, until then, they are just going to have to make do.

On a side note: moving the furniture uncovered a treasure trove of cat toys, rubber bands, ponytail holders and milk jug tabs. Rowdy and Buddy have been having a field day, playing with these rediscovered toys. (I disposed of the rubber bands and ponytail holders).
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I agree.. i cleared my room the other day and found all the mouse, feathers that my babies hid away from me!!
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Hehehe fun!! I know that I find all sorts of wierd and wonderful things whenever I move a piece of furniture. Tosca's latest trick has been to stash little "things" like leaves from the fig plant, rubber bands and milk tops under the rug her litterbox stands on!
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The sleeping arrangements have altered somewhat. Opie and Rowdy are now sharing the chair and Buddy has co-opted the blanket in the entertainment center. As I made my bedtime ear-scratching rounds, everyone seems to be happy and comfortable. Thank goodness, cats are adaptable.
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