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Foster help!

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I'm having a little trouble with my two foster babies chewing on cords, any advice on how to properly teach them not to chew?

They get behind my computer desk and I hate it, I pull them out and they run right back in. I don't want them to get shocked.

Thanks in advance.
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A bottle of Grannick's Bitter Apple would work wonders with that.
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Keep the door closed til they're older and have forgotten about the wires.
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I'll have to try the Bitter Apple. As for the door being closed, I can't do that, because they are in their room all day until we get home then they come in our room with the door closed because of our other 4 cats having range of the house.

Right now we're introducing them to our male cat, they all seem to be taking it well. I've had them for almost a month, and my four have yet to see the two babies. Only under door contact.
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Can you block the area off, or put something over the wires? That is so dangerous, because they could just bite right through the wires!

Also, I would try major distractions. A firm "no" when they go to the wires, and lots of dangly toys to play with them, so they have something that is more fun than the wires.
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I bought a flexible tube type thing that the wires fit into. (radio shack) It looks better than a bunch of wires hanging around too. Before that I threw a big folded blanket over the suge protector and wires. Then theynlaid on top of it as if it was a bed.
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Thanks for the tips you guys! I'll have to look for that tube.

They are getting fixed tomorrow so tomorrow night is going to be a calm one!
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