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Nipping it at the bud?

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Now that Othello and Macbeth are both relatively healthy, we thought we had our problems behind us. HA! And HA! again!

About a week ago I went to get a clean rag from the bag in the bathroom, only to find that the whole Wal-Mart bag full had been saturated with cat urine. It was kind of stale at that time and since you couldn't smell it at all unless you were in the rag bag I didn't notice it previously. We washed the rags, checked the surrounding area, and chalked it up to a one-time unfortunate experience. The urine seemed to be located only in the bag, so I think it was urination and not spraying.

Well, then it happened again. This time, on the couch--not easy to just toss it int the washer! It was on the seat of the couch, near one of the arms. The smell (pardon me if this is gross) was very different than te usual "cat piss" smell we're all familiar with, but it's about the only source of the problem we can think of. But again, it really doesn't smell (to me) like cat urine, but I can't think of anything else it could be.

I tried Febreezing the whole area (arm, cushin, and under coushin areas) but the smell persisted. Next I tried baking soda, and it seems to have helped a BIT, but the smell is still there and still quite unpleasant.

Since we have no way of telling who urinated on the rags or couch (or both?), how can we deal with the problem? I can't let it continue, and I hope that by dealing with it quickly we can prevent further "accidents".

Oh yeah...and the specs on our place: 1-bedroom apartment, the only door in the place is the bathroom door which is where the litterbox is. It's a large covered litterbox with Fresh Step litter. We clean it at least once a day. The cats haven't seemed to have a probelm with the litter or setup before very very recently.

And does anyone know of some great tips for removing gnarly odors from a very nice plaid sofa?

Thanks, all!!! :-)
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Febreeze will not remove urine. Instead, use an enzymatic cleanser specifically made for removing urine. I like Nok-Out best, but there are other brands out there.

My computer won't let me do a search today for some reason, but if you search this site for how to remove urine odors, you will find some excellent advice written by Hissy and others.
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I would take your cats to the vet. Peeing in inappropriate areas can be a sign on UTI.
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