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I would have never called the rothelisbuger td a td, however, upon replay, you can see that the ball did cross the plane while he was in the air, and then he tucked up to keep it so that when he landed the ball was behind the line. The rules of football state that when the ball crosses the crosses the plane while being controlled by a player who is inbounds its a td, regardless. So it barely crossed in midair and counted even though it wasn't pretty. I wish he had gotten a few more feet up so people would shut up about it already, but it didn't happen that way.

But seriously, I think that the Steelers deserved to win, but if seattle had stepped up their game to match the rest of the season they would have. whatever, it's over. better luck next yr.
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First of all, I'm not going to single out anyone personally, but want to say that yes, some may get a little defensive when they hear someone ripping their home city.
For the sake of argument, let's take away the bad playcalling entirely & focus on a few other things..
Both sides dropped passes. Both quarterbacks threw interceptions.
A gadget play is still a legitimate play, & the Seattle defense fell for it, hook line & sinker! (even though Pittsburgh had already used it earlier in the year)
I guess everyone forgot that record breaking TD run by Willie Parker, runningback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And what about the poor clock management by Seattle when it mattered the most? The bad decisions?
Pittsburgh is famous for how they manage the clock in the 2nd half of the game.
Pittsburgh may not have played the best game in the world, I agree, but they were able to recover from their mistakes, execute the game plan & win the game.
We also got ripped off by the refs in the playoff game against the Colts, & it was our terrified quarterback who saved our season. Big Ben is a true player-how many other quarterbacks will you see plowing through a defensive line to make a play? Especially a high dollar franchise quarterback? That doesn't seem like terrified to me, that boy is too big to be terrified of anyone. Nervous? Of course. Wouldn't anyone be?

Originally Posted by Catkiki
I was rooting for the Steelers but only because Joey Porter is the hometown boy! He was a star at one of the local high schools
Joey is the MAN!!!
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Congratulations to the steelers!
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