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Senior cat food?

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Feeny(don't ask about the name) is going to need some Senior cat food, & I have never had to buy any before. I don't know if she will be indoor or outdoor(working real hard on making her indoor), but I no matter where she is, she will be getting two meals a day in the house of a senior cat food. She is approximately 12 years old.

What's a good senior cat food? I have a limited selection. I can get Chicken Soup adult & adult lite, Diamond adult & kitten, & I know the pet store an hour away has some, but I won't get there until late next week. I can order something online & has them express ship it, but I would rather not pay shipping when I am going to the pet store soon after. She gets spayed on Wednesday(2/8) & I was hoping to have something for her when she gets home Thursday. Is the Purina Vitality formula OK? I was looking into buying a bag to feed her until I can get to the "real" pet store. Is there such a thing as Senior canned food, or can I give her cans of Eagle Pack, Felidae, etc? I have been giving Feeny EVO since we got it for Twitch & Lily, but she seems to get runny poo from it.
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Felidae has a "platinum" formula which is their version of senior, and Wellness has a senior as well. It wont hurt her to eat something you've already got until you can go out and get her own food. Also if she's still an active cat, there's no reason IMO to feed a lower calorie senior food...
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Yes there is such thing as senior canned... Kandie loved Nutro max senior in canned ... I have used all life stage also in canned like cal natural .. innova .. eagle pack pro pac and others...

if feeding dry look for moderate protein with moderate to high fat ... I dont recommend dry food for senoirs...

Purina vitality is that the red bag at the grocery store>>>?? If so I wouldnt recommend it ..
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I switched my senior (soon to be 17) to Felidae back in September. He really likes it!!
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Feeny is not all that active anymore, but she isn't overweight. I would say she is at a good weight, but I'll ask the vet when she gets spayed. I have some Felidae all lifestages stuff that I am feeding her until I can get something different. I like Felidae, so I might switch her to the Felidae platinum. I really like the Felidae I am feeding her right now & she seems to love it, too. I will definately look into Senior canned food. I hope to be able to get her to eat 50/50 wet & dry until I can work her up to mostly wet. She is really addicted to dry food but she loves to get canned. She just doesn't want to eat much canned. She is in the bathroom right now eating her Felidae & then taking a nap. She is such a doll that I don't think mom can make her go back outside, so I think she will be housecat #3.
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just a side note .. most senior foods are okay to feed any adult cat just not kittens.. it will state this in the AFFCO line on the bag
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