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Cats "helping" with house work

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The other day I changed the sheets and blankets on our bed. Not a big job till 4 of our cats decided to "help" me

They would either lay on what I was trying to take off or grab hold of stuff with there claws I was moving or anything else to be a pain in the butt. I swear they do this stuff to bug me as much as playing.

Anyone else have cats that "help" with house work or what ever?
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Oh gosh yes I always have at least 3 cats helping me change the sheets on the bed. I haven't made a bed in eons with out my furry friends helping me. When I shake out the sheets they grab it hide under it and make more of a mess then anyone can imagine. It takes me 5 times as long to make a bed as most people. and puting on the clean pillow cases. You know how you have to shake the pillows to get the pillow cases to slip on well I always have a cat or two hanging off the pillow case.. But you know it always makes me smile .
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Hannah comes to supervise the cleaning of the litterbox every night. She's too busy eating in the mornings to supervise!! She also loves to help me empty and load the dishwasher!!

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Ohhh! The "kill the sheets" game! It's one of our favorites at my house! What would we get done without out kitties?!!
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Try folding your laundry when you have two cats jumping on it!!
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Festie "helps" with the laundry. If I pile it on my bed to fold, she burrows under it. Even under the already folded piles! I seriously have to leave a towel or something to distract her, or she will have much of my work undone!
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My two help me change the sheets, and Sophie helps me swiff the floor!

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Veeshan loves to help make the beds and she loves to be in the litter boxes as I try to scoop them clean.
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Yep mine help too.

Tommy is the most enthusiastic he likes making the bed, sweeping or mopping the floor. Both empying and filling the dishwasher and washing up.

Oh yes he likes to help peel the potatoes or any other vedgetable and is particularly helpfull when I am cooking especially chicken

Jumping in the wastebin is huge fun especially if he can tip it and the contents all over the floor.

His best help of all is using the littertray while I am trying to clean it or straight after I have cleaned it.
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When I am planning to change our sheets, I always take precautions: not more than 1 cat in my bedroom! Yhe others have to stay in the livingroom then!! With all 4 cats, I don't even start with the beds...
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Mika has to help with the laundry - i.e., she sits by my feet and "requests" that I pick her up so she can see into the washing machine and ensure I have not mixed colours I guess.

As for changing sheets, I usually manage to get one sheet on before they come, so I leave and go do something else until they are distracted then I go back and get another sheet/blanket on before they catch on and come running into the bedroom to help. So basically, it takes a great deal of time to get a bed completely made.

Bijou usually jumps in the litter box when I have completed half the scooping as well.

In typical Siamese fashion they are both very nosy and have to have their faces inches (or less) from whatever you are working on.
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Any movement that my kids deam to be "un-natural" like fluffing pillows, making the bed, sweeping the floor. (even though I do them daily) is in their opinion a new and fun game that they NEED to be a part of, they love watching me put away the groceries and make a game of hideing in various cupbords.
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Tommy now learning new skills.......putting the IKEA kitchen units together and helping make the new curtains.

The boxes and packaging are great fun along with helping to screw in the screws. Even better if he can hide them first so we have to hunt for them.

Think he may have to be removed while the rest of the kitchen is put together.
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