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I'm a branded woman now......

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PMSL, got your attention, didn't I ? I had a learning experience this week...the doors to a preheated convection oven are HOT!!!! Had one to close on me Thursday and have a burn on my right forarm that is about 2"X4", is about a 2nd degree one to boot. Was ok with that until I took the top off it by bumping door frame Friday night and took the entire top off it ....yeouch!!! Is now safely bandaged, lmao!

As for the branding part? Got to looking and there is a perfect circle burned, with an unburned "X" in it where one of the hot screws burned me......anyone want to come up with a name for the ranch who's brand I now carry?
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You poor thing! I've been burnt way too many times on the oven!!
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Oooh Cindy that sounds really painfull. You poor thing!
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Owwwwwie!!!!!! I can't imagine
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I swear, every time I roast a turkey I burn myself on the daggoned oven door!! I feel your pain...
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"Freestanding Range Ranch?"


sounds fiercely painful...
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Ouch ouch ouch! I got a friction burn in shop class in JH. It was horrible. I don't have complete feeling in a few fingertips thans to it. As far as what ranch you come from...hmmm....I might have to think a bit!
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That has to be ouchy. At least you'll have an interesting story for the next year! 2nd degree burns are awful!!
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Ouch!!!!!! I HATE BURNS!! A couple years ago a friend and I were doing makeovers and sat a curling iron on the floor and I ended up rolling over on it!!! I had 1st 2nd and 3rd degree burns!!! It's an awful thing to go through so I hope you're okay!
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The Illiterate Kitten Ranch??? (you know signed with an X)???????
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Originally Posted by GailC
The Illiterate Kitten Ranch??? (you know signed with an X)???????
Gail.... I love it!!!!
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The Circle X

Sorry about your burn. Hope it heals without scarring.
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Ouch!!! sorry to hear that! I hope it heals quick! Maybe it means you are X-tra special!
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And such an X-citing person to know.
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Well, "Balls" are round like your burn. You could claim Charlie branded you as his?
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Ouch Cindy!
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Xtra sore, Xmarks the spot,and Xtremly not good.

Hope it heals real soon.
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Ouch!!, that sounds really painful!, I hope it doesn't scar.
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How is your big burn feeling??? Keeping covered and clean so no infection gets started. It must hurt!!
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