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stick to prescription food?

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This might be a silly question.....I have an older cat (about 9 years old) who has been on prescription cat food because he gets UTI's. He is eating Royal Canin SO (wet food and dry food) However, since he is an older cat, would it be beneficial for him to eat the senior formula of cat food, since they claim that they have more antioxidants and vitamins that older cats need? Maybe the senior formula dry food but still feed him the prescription wet/can food. (I was thinking either the Science Diet or the Royal Canin for senior cats)... what do you all think?
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You need to ask these questions of the vet who prescribed the special food for your cat. I have two cats who have urinary issues. They both eat W/D dry food. One cat is 9 years old and the other one is 6. They get along very well eating this prescription food. I would never change their food except upon the recommendation of the vet.
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TALK to your VET .... Rx diets are like your Rx meds from the pharmacy dont mess with anything till you have ran it by the vet
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My philosophy is that with very few exceptions, food should be food and medicine should be medicine. Attempting to combine the two usually results in something that doesn't do a great job of either one.

If it were my cat and he didn't have active stones, I would put him on a diet of exclusively super-premium canned food - no dry at all. Dry food is what really puts them at risk since it is so dehydrating. Felidae Platinum would be a good one to try for starters.
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My vet has my two cats on dry only. He told me there is some evidence that the canned wet food helps with the urine flow. However he said what happens a lot of times is when cats eat wet food only, they cut down on drinking water. So for that reason he prescribes the dry as well as the fact the dry is better for their teeth.
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