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So what wet food do you feed your cat?

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I currently feed my girls Felix and Whiskas kitten food but they always also have a bowl of dry food on the side to graze on in case they are extra hungry. However, I've read on more than one occasion here that Whiskas and Felix is bad for cats because of by products etc.

I've had a look at around the supermarkets and my local Pets At Home but they don't stock any other type of wet food (that is suitable for kittens anyway). So, for all you wet food feeders out there - what wet food do you feed your kittens/cats?
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I like the Hi-Life range because they use fresh ingridents and it actually looks like meat.

I ffed them petite pate which you can get in Tesco's.
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I feed one cat Evanger's Holistic Pheasant and one cat gets Wellness Turkey and Salmon. I used to feed Merrick, but then I found out that they give a lot of monetary support to the Republicans, so no more Merrick around here! Although, Wellness just got bought out (and didn't tell anyone, THEN proceeded to change the formula on one of their dog foods, again, without letting anyone know) and Natura has some really sketchy distribution practices, they both make good food.
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The Hi-life kitten food can be bought online or at pets at home.

I'd ask your vet what wet food they reccomend too.
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Almo Nature Salmon or Tuna and Schesir Salmon or Tuna.
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I feed our cats and dog both regular Innova and Innova EVO which is mostly all protein with no grain in it. They're really happy with it, and I've noticed a huge difference in their coats.
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I feed mine Hi-life wet and James Welbeloved dry
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To find a quality food (wet OR dry) you're going to have to look beyond the supermarkets. Any pet food carried in a supermarket is very poor quality as a rule.

When I fed commercial food it was Wellness wet
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Another Hi Life feeder here It contains 70% fish and meat compared with whiskas etc...
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Currently the wet served here .. is Pro Pac , Nutro , Meow Mix and Authority... I have feed alot more .... but since one is 90% raw and one is 75% raw cans are used alot ..
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The kittens are on Nutro (kitten) dry in the morning and Nutro (kitten)wet at dinner time. They act like the wet is some kind of "kitty crack" I can hardly get it opened without hem climbing up my legs to try to grab the can. I have just recently tried to start the big kitties on we and am not having much luck. So far, I have tried every flavor of Nutro and the only one they even try to eat is the salmon and shrimp flavor. I am trying to decide which brand to try with them next.
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It depends on the day I visit the store. One day I'll want to buy a few cans from every brand (high quality, that is) and another day all I'll want is Nature's Variety Prairie. Yet another day I won't want canned food at all, I'll want frozen meat. Right now I'm in the meat mood, with maybe a can of Wellness, not sure what flavour.
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MERRICK's: Ginger's favorite formulas:

New England Boil - This delicious and traditional dish from our friends in New England is loaded with flavor and big on taste. We love this one of a kind seafood treat we like to call our version of a New England Boil. Nothing beats this pot full of treasures from the sea as we combine the great taste of White Fish, Lobster, Crab, Shrimp and Sardines all mixed together in this special recipe. We then add in the freshness of Red Jacket New Potatoes, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Snow Peas and Fresh Red Delicious Apples to top off this regional favorite.

Turducken - This gourmet dish has been favored by the southern society of felines for years and its no secret as to why. The exquisite pairings of turkey, duck and chicken lay hiding in every sensational bite. As if this wasn’t enough, this sensational trio is complimented with farm grown sweet potatoes, peas, carrots and savory cranberries.

Southern Delight - This delicious dish offers a classic medley of plenty of Chicken, Cat Fish and Craw Fish to boot. We sprinkle these tasty vittles of protein with fresh Carrots, fresh Zucchini and fresh Granny Smith Apples which are sure to take your cats dinning experience to the pinnacle of culinary delight.

And, Natural Balance is also a great food for your kittys.

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Ahh...the wet food question...where to start.

Eagle Pack Holistic (loved by all!)
Wellness (Lucky will eat it if she's STARVING!)
California Natural (mixed reviews but finished it up!)
Authority (vanished from the plates)

Basically whichever one i can start getting in bulk (Eagle Pack, Authority, California Natural) is what we're going to go with.
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I feed him with Friskies wet food now, and Friskies junior when he was a baby. Sometimes I give him Lara with salmon or chicken.
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