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Just a nostalgic thread

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What were some of the posters hanging in your room as a kid? Not all at once of course

I shared a room with my sister so we had

War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things
Bobby Sherman
The Beatles
any fuzzy kitten we could find
Davey Jones
Herman's Hermits
The Monkees
David Cassidy

LOL anyone else want to fess up here?
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You know, I never hung up any posters, and still don't hang much art on my walls.

But I did buy my Dad that Farrah Fawcett one after my folks got divorced . . .
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When I was a child, I put posters of kittens, puppies, and other animals.

When I was a teenager, I would post pictures of boy movie stars and singers I get from magazines such as Bop, 16, and other teen magazines.

My biggest obsession when i was a teen was New Kids On The Block. My bedroom was posted from wall to wall about New Kids. I had all five albums, a pin, a couple of books, two videos, and I went to their concert. This obsession lasted until I was 18 and New Kids broke up. My favorite Kid was Jordan Knight!
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Boy you guys are really making me nostalgic today. Between this and the 80s thread...

When I was a kid, I had a bunch of those Scholastic posters that you got free if you ordered enough books. Mainly puppies and kitties, but a few horses too.

When I was a teenager, my room was completely plastered (ceiling, too) with heavy metal and glam rock bands of the 80s - Van Halen, Motley Crue, Poison, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, all of them. Oh, and I had a signed 8x10 of Steve Watson who was my favorite Denver Bronco, #81 wide receiver.
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Ah, New Kids on the Block...memories! I had posters, videos, trading cards, most of their tapes and even pajamas with the group on the front!!! Talk about puppy love!
When I grew out of the New Kid phase, I had pics of horses mostly, and a few cat and dog posters here and there. The back of my door was covered with horses!! I always had a cat calendar too.
I used to draw during my teens and I hung some of the better sketches up...cats, dogs, horses, landscapes... Can't draw worth a penny now though. Something about if you stop a hobby, like drawing for instance, long enough, you lose the ability....
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Heidi- you're a girl after my own heart

I had every square inch of my walls and ceiling covered in pics of glam bands as a teen :laughing: Mostly Poison, Motley Crue, Slaughter (remember them??), KISS, and Warrant.

As a younger child my room was done in rainbow colors and My Little Pony
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I love the rock bands of the 80's. Melissa, did you like bands liek Depeche Mode and The Cure? I love Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Poison and others. I have a thing for men with long hair!
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Oh boy is THIS going to date me!!!!

As a teen my walls were covered with teen idols....

Leif Garrett
Scott Baio
Christopher Atkins(The Blue Lagoon hottie )
Andy Gibb
Greg Evigan(of B.J. & The Bear fame )
Robbie Benson
Bobby Clarke (I THINK that was his name, I can still remember how
cute he was)
Tony Danza(back in his "Taxi" days)

Those are just a few...I know there were tons walls were plastered with them, but those are the ones that come to mind right now!
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Don't worry Deb, I think we're the same age. I just couldn't think of their names! I remember the Bay City Rollers all over Tiger Beat, too, though I wasn't into them myself.
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gee, i don't think i had any. i can think of a few now in this day that i could sit and gaze at. wanna start another thread!? :laughing2
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Sunlion!!! was Tiger Beat magazine that I used to have stacks of!!! I couldn't remember the name!!! Thanks for the memory jolt!!
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Nena- nope, I was never into Depeche Mode or The Cure. I pretty much only liked the ones I listed, I've always been a one or two band at a time listener- still am.

I always liked long hair on guys too, until about 5 years ago. Now I like bald (shaved bald, not naturally that way ) guys preferably pierced and tattooed-goatees are a plus too How things change :laughing:
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Ok ok **cringe** I'll admit I used to buy tiger beat. I don't remember hanging any of the pictures up though. I do remember having a HUGE crush on Vanilla ice. Eep!!

My mom used to put puzzles together and she'd glue it all together and I'd hang them on my wall as posters. Then when I was 12 I went through the phase of hanging half naked men posters on my wall. My mom approved though.

Around 14 I had wall to wall Dexter Holland pictures covering my walls. Scary........
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Anter Teen Beater here!
My walls were plastered with pictures!
Unicorns and dragons
Scott Baio
Patrick Swayze
Motley Crue
Twisted Sister
Greg Evigan
Donny Osmond
and whoever the hunk de jour was.
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I was a MAJOR Kiss fan much to the dismay of my parents! I would buy every mag out there that had them in it and I would COVER my walls with KISS stuff. After Peter Criss left, I lost interest in them. From 80 to 83 I don't remember what I had. Starting High school, I had the Heavy Metal hair band posters up. (I even wore those tight parachute pants!!) In my Junior year, I started listening to Beastie Boys and RUN DMC, so those posters went up. Also, I started getting beer boxes from behind liquor stores, cutting out one side and hanging those up. I got the idea from one of my sister's friends.

I sure wish I had a pic of me in those parachute pants! What a laugh riot!
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Hey Hissy, I had that "War is not healthy...." poster, too! It was replaced with one of David Lee Roth in the tight leather pants, handcuffed to a barbed wire fence. I sure wouldn't want to see him like that now. Melissa, you and I have the same taste in men, from long haired pretty boys to tattooed, pierced with goatee. I like short hair or shaved, too. I still listen to Social Distortion, and still have my old Kiss records,(yes, records). I would never listen to The Cure or Depreche Mode, either.
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Wow..its not often I hear someone say they have the same taste in men as me!! :laughing: I like em pierced, oh yes I especially like labret and eyebrow piercings..

I have all the old KISS albums as well, but mine are on tape. Everytime I listen to them I keep thinking how cheesy it sounds to me now I usually listen to the older stuff for a laugh- I used to think those glam guys were SO cool :LOL: I remember thinking I was going to grow up and run off to Vegas get married to one of the band members wearing black leather :tounge2:
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Melissa that is too funny! I actually designed my own leather dress at one point in my life! God, how hideous would that have been! What's worse are the guys who never left the glam days. On 80s rock night at the club there are still guys with the mullets going on who probably haven't been out since the early 90s. It was cool then, but even the old 80s rockers have cut their hair and gotten pierced. Seen Motley Crue lately?

Personally, I like the noserings, nipples and tongue piercings. I love men with tats, but not completely covered. Just my 2 cents!
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