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We are getting ready for a Superbowl Party and we got a few of our kids dressed too!!!

Go Steelers!!!!

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What awesome pictures. LOL They are so cute with their football shirts on..
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I have been in love with Monte since I joined TCS. How handsome is he in his Steelers outfit. Is that Tai in the second picture? I have loved watching your family grow. They are all so beautiful. Go Steelers!!!

Tricia Conley
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Oh my gosh that is too funny!!!!!!

Very cute - Monte & Ben are lookin' snazzy in those Steelers outfits! Boy you guys are READY for the SuperBowl. I'm not into football but I hope you all have fun!!
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Hmmm...I think you may be a little too obsessed with the Superbowl!!!

Very cute though!
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Those are great!!!!
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The pictures sure made me smile. Very cute!
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Showing team spirit!
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How adorable!!

Looks like all their team spirit paid off!!
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LMAO how cute!!
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The furless kids are celebrating tonight!!

Thanks for all the kind words, it was a great game!
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They look so cute.
Congrats on the Steelers win.
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oh my heavens that is out of control!! but soooo cute!!
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aren't you jsut so glad the steelers won? I think your boys would be pretty embarrassed to be seen in that if the seahawks took the superbowl!! They look so great in their outfits!!! And warm too
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How cute!!
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those are adorable! kinda reminded of little bumble bees! buzzzzzzzzz
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Very cool!
Monte is da man!
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