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Hi Everyone,

I've looked at Hissy's thread about behaviorial problems but I think my Tabby's problem is worse than that...

My cat recently had an upper & lower scope done because my vet thinks she has IBS. So she has had diahrrea problem for quite some time. Anyway...she was having pooping accidents in the living room because of this illness...so I never yelled at her because she couldn't help it.

While waiting for the results of the scope, she is currently on Tylan (for her diahrrea), atenolol (for her heart murmur) & a low dose of prednisone. She has been pooping somewhat normally but not in her litter box. I believe she is still pooping in the living but on purpose. She will use her litter box to pee but not to poop. I am SO frustrated because I know that she is pooping in the living room on purpose and not because she couldn't make it to her litter boxes.

Should I use the method of confining her in a room for a certain amount of days? She currently has 2 litter boxes side by side and uses both of them. It's to the point that I have my entire living lined with newspaper and my cat doesn't seem it's a big deal to poop there.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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How old is she? Between the meds and the confusion re where to poop, etc. she may just be as confused as you are, and if she's getting on in age, sometimes that just adds to it and she may not really understand anymore, or remember what to do. I'm really sure it's not on purpose.
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With the medication she is on, she is likely unable to help herself. I would add a lot more litterpans until you can get this under control for her. I would also go and buy one of those computer mats and place it in her pooping corner prong side up. Put litter pans near the area.

Think of it this way, she is resting or trying to, and suddenly the urge to go is so strong she bolts to the last place where her scent has been deposited and she goes. If you don't get the smell up and break down the enzymes, she will continue to go in the same spot, because her scent is there. I highly recommend this product


or this one


Also try giving her just plain yogurt with active cultures, or start her on GSE (grapefruit seed extract) the liquid. Put two drops per feeding in her canned food to help her-

Best of luck and thanks for not getting angry at her.
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My cat just turned 9 back in November. I just moved one of her litter box from her usual location to my spare bathroom which is closer to the living room.

Just from looking at her when she pooped in the living room, it didn't seem like she couldn't make it to her litter box though. She was very casually sniffing the newspaper on the living room floor & decide to start pooping!!!

I've been using the Woolite Pet Stain & Odor Remover and it seems to be getting rid of any odor fine. However, I bought a bottle of Simple Solution Cat Stain and Odor Remover. It guarantees it will 100% eliminate any odor. I read it in an article from Readers Digest.

What is a computer mat??? What is it used for???

I tried the GSE. It's so bitter she refuse to drink her water (I had to add it in her water because she doesn't eat can food...only moist & dry). At first I just stir her water bowl with a spoon after adding the GSE but I notice since the solution is so concentrated...stirring doesn't help mix the supplement evenly in with the water. Then I tried shaking her water with the supplement in a container before giving it to her. Shaking worked but that's when she refuse to drink her water because it was so bitter!

I really don't know what I'm going to do if I have to clean up her accidents for the remainder of her life.
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Cats hate any citrus scent (or food, besides yogurt), so I wouldn't try to force it on her, especially if the vet didn't recommend it.
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you only need one or two drops of the GSE not a glop- The computer mat will stop her from pooping in the corner because the prongs feel unpleasant on the pads of their feet and they opt for a better surface like sand in the litterpan
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It is very possible that she associates pooing in the litterbox with the discomfort of the IBS (cramping, etc). Basically, she has learned to go in the front room.

You must add litterboxes to the living room. It won't be permanent, just to let her relearn that it is ok to poo in a litterbox. If that doesn't work, partial confinement may help. Keep her in a smallish room with plenty of litter box access, and only free run if you are watching her.

Also, when she poos on the floor, scoop it up and put it in one of the litterboxes. Remind her what to do.

The fact that she has not been punished for pooing in the living room puts you way ahead in the training, IMO. You are not in a power struggle, just giving her a chance to become neat again.

My Festie went through a period of pooing in bedroom corners, and once the problem was corrected, she NEVER did it again. Your kitty will come around to, with patience.
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