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Chubby girl needs recipes! :)

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Tomorrow I'm gonna start trying again to eat better, but I run out of ideas....anyone have any low fat recipes they can share with me? Low fat (but also satisfying, not like 20 carrot sticks...lol) snacks are hard, and I'd like as many protein recipes as I can get. I always get stumped when it comes to meats, and I really don't like chicken or pork unless it's made right, so there's your monkey wrench....ready, set, bring on the good stuff!
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The no chicken thing makes it hard....

I started a thread not too long ago about this, and so did OPllyExtra05. Maybe they will help?


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OH! There are some good sounding recipes there! Thank you! Soon it will be getting warmer too and I can bear walking again.
Oops, here's a thought, if there are any newer people here that didn't post recipes or health tips in the other threads, maybe they'll have some for me/us too!
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Do you eat turkey? Or is that too much like chicken?

Fran posted an unusual snack once - let me do a search -

Here - it's the first one - I made it with fat free cream cheese. Also hummus is a wonderful snack.

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I do like turkey, go figure....the reason I hate chicken and pork is because my ex-husbands father used to make it all the time when we lived with them for a while. He'd just pan fry it and it always got rubbery and dry, and ever since, I haven't been able to eat it very often, and not more than a few bites when I do eat it. But turkey, yes, I like it!
Um hummus, well, that's another story...
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Use Google, there a thousands of great websites with cool recipes to help you lose weight. healthy snacks you make yourself, all sorts of things
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My favorite recipe site is Epicurious.com.
How about making some deviled eggs to have????????????
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Ooh, I love devilled eggs!
Thanks both of you, I will be looking, looking, looking!
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