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Stupid Jerks!

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I'd like to put these men in a gas chamber to see if they are suffering!!!! I'd like to *#@$% them!

Enoch Mayor Defends Animal Gas Chamber

ENOCH -- An animal protection organization is offering to help this southwest Utah city pay to euthanize its stray pets with a lethal injection instead of using exhaust fumes from a city-owned Dodge pickup.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) made the proposal to mayor Patrick Franks in a letter that says the city's current method causes the animal "a prolonged, agonizing death."
For the past year, the city has connected a hose from the exhaust pipe of the pickup to a shed-like structure that becomes a gas chamber for killing dogs and cats that go unclaimed for a week after being picked up.
"This method is excruciating for the animals and we [PETA] would do anything to stop it," said Daphna Nachminovitch, PETA spokeswoman. "What is taking place [in Enoch] is a major concern to us."
PETA, which cites a report from the American Veterinary Medical Association calling the method used by Enoch "unacceptable," says it will make temporary arrangements with an area veterinarian to humanely dispose of the animals if Enoch ceases its current practice.
Nachminovitch said two similar cases are being investigated by the organization, which calls Enoch's method of killing uncommon.
The offer from PETA, the threat of lobbying by the Humane Society of Utah to make the method illegal and a flood of irate calls have not deterred Franks from his position that Enoch's method is humane.
Franks said Tuesday he will present the letter to the City Council today during its regular meeting and hopes the council does not decide to change the current means of killing stray animals.
"I still think we're being humane, and until I see scientific evidence that these [pets] are suffering, then I'm not going to change my mind," Franks said. "I don't think we should change public policy every time someone is upset."
Councilman Norman Grimshaw also defended the city's practice as the simplest and easiest way to deal with the problem of stray animals.
"It's fine how it is," Grimshaw said. "It's too bad these people [PETA] have nothing better to do than worry about what we're doing."
John Fox, chief investigator for the Humane Society of Utah, who first challenged Enoch to change its euthanasia method, said Tuesday that legislation to outlaw Enoch's gas chamber may be the only avenue left.
"I don't see any other alternatives," he said. "We need to take up [Enoch's] challenge. What they are doing is not illegal, but it is immoral and inhumane."
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OMG - it's the Nazi gas chambers all over again.
What is wrong with these people.
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What - somehow the gas chamber is ok for animals when it is not for humans??? (It has been outlawed for disposing of our worst criminals in most if not all states.)

And 1 week? Gosh - don't go on a long vacation in that town!

These people sicken me!
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I'm sooo mad, I've got nothing nice to say in response to this thread, so I will be good and let the "smilies" speak for me.
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This is just horrible!!!! I don't always agree with PETA but on this one, I do!!!! Those poor animals!!!
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And they're calling it euthenasia? What's merciful about it? It's disgraceful. Come to think of it, why should the government respond t to what the public wants? I guess animal lovers should sit back and accept whatever the "important people" decide to do. We don't pay taxes, do we?
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That is absolutely horrible. I am so outraged, I can't even think of enough bad things to say.

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He wants scientific evidence? I'll put him and who ever believes this is a fine way of euthanizing animals in there and let them see how inhumane this is. It's bad enough these poor animals have to die alone without someone who loved them and to be victems of overpopulation nevermind the fact they're being tourtured in this way.

As maddening as this may sound, it's not only them. We once had a client who came in who's cat was fairly sick. The doctor suggested blood work and possibly x-rays to find out what was wrong with the cat. The wife(who had brought the cat in) said she didn't have much money to spend on the cat and her husband would be mad if she spent anymore than what the exam cost.

Anyway she went home to talk it over with her husband and they decided to put the cat to sleep. This was bad enough since the cat wasn't very old and didn't appear to be very sick at all. The husband didn't want to pay for the euthanasia so he told his wife that he would just put the cat in the garage and turn the car on.

We were outraged!! We rallyed the town and the organization that normally helps dogs and they agreed to pay to put the cat to sleep. I was so angry!!

As bad as this sounds I'm glad it turned out the way it did rather than how it could've.
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euthanasia-the act of killing ....hopelessly sick or injured....for reasons or mercy-Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

The key word is "mercy." How dare they use the word? It is not a euphemism for "cheap method of killing." Euthanasia is what we do when our pets are suffering and beyond help.
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