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eye discharge

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Umm, in the last week I've noticed that both of Whiskey's eyes are leaking and it's not clear tears. It's thick, milky (white) discharge and if I didn't know better I would think his eyes were black. He's also not eating as much as usual. He still plays and sleeps normally. What could it be?
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I would bring him in for an exam. You say the eyes appear black? This would need to be checked. Unfortunately without examing the eyes it is very difficult to suggest what may be going on?

Not eating as much could be a sign of not feeling well, but since you say he is still as active, it may also be he is just being fussy with his food.
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Well, I feel like an idiot. After serious thought I realized that his pupils were just dilated. Which might be from having the light flicked on suddenly @ 4:30 in the morning. Yeah it happened again this morning after which I noticed his eyes started to leak again. So no more lights going on in the bedroom for the rest of the week to see what happens.
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Your kitty need to go to the vet asap! It is not the light. It sound like a URI-- The sooner he gets meds for it the better. Please take him to the vet, if left untreated it can form painful ulcers on the eye---or worse blindness
My Murphy had a re-occurent eye infection for about the first 2 months I had him. I have since switched him to a better quality of food that contains L-lysine---- the infection has'nt been back since Let us know what the vet says.

PS!!!!! Please make sure he is drinking water! You say he is not eating as well, do not let him get dehydrated. They can go downhill quickly--and suffer irreversable liver and kidney damage.
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Well, he seems fine now. Went to the vet today and she gave him the all-clear. She thinks it might be the dust in the apartment. ( I have to crack down on the dusting which I hate doing.) I've been told to watch him to see if anything changes. So hopefully all will stay well.
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